The kumbh mela tag

My turn –
Love Tom and Jerry
Eat blueberry
Salman is going to marry
Katy Perry!

Caring for Art

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Source: The kumbh mela tag
Following this Kumbh Mela Tag given by the very colorfulAsh. This is you have to do.

Continue the chain of poem, rhyming with erry.

Craziness personified; thoughts of a jobless blogger; endless mind chatter; this tag says it allπŸ˜€
Be merry
and eat cherry
and drink sherry
meet a deary
vote for Hillary
Poppins Entry-
find a berry
was that weary?
say hello to parry
be a fairy
don’t be teary

My turn-

See the ferry,
Going on the single jerry,
Whoosh the canary,
Turn the dairy.

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