Krishna Leela #3

“As the heat of a fire reduces woods to ashes, the fire of knowledge reduces to ashes all karma”

Thunder clouds covered the holy city of Mathura, uprooting all the hopes of the citizens. The whole city feared the king’s cruelty. Kamsa loved his life, more than anything else. As he got to know about his fate, which he didn’t want to accept, he did everything to prove the Oracle wrong.

He was so merciless that he killed all the children who took birth in his kingdom. He didn’t hesitate even in imprisoning his own cousin, with her husband. Devaki couldn’t believe upon the inhumanity of his cousin. He kept them chained in the palace dungeons under constant watch.

That day came when Devaki gave birth to her first child in the dungeons. Hearing the cry of the new born baby, the guards outside the bars rushed to inform Kamsa about this. Kamsa was so insecured that he decided to destroy every child Devaki give birth, at the moment. He walked to the dungeons furiously holding his sword in his hands. 

He walked in the prison and snatched the baby from Devaki’s lap. Devaki was horrified at the sight of Kamsa holding the baby by leg with a sowrd at baby’s neck. 

The heart of the mother couldn’t watch her baby being killed. She wailed but it was of no use as Kamsa turned a deaf ear to all the heart-rending cries of his sister.

“Kamsa, I beg you, please leave my child… please”

But before Devaki could say anything further, Kamsa brutally killed her child in front of her eyes and dashed it on the ground. She fainted then and there and Kamsa felt relief after removing the stress off his head.

To be continued…

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12 thoughts on “Krishna Leela #3

  1. Hello..:) I am really fond of your writing and so i further nominatw you for the three day quote challenge…! Kindly visit my latest post “Quotare!” For more details…much love,

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I am really glad that you liked it!
      😊😊😊 I will be posting next episode really soon, so be in touch…
      Because what’s going to happen next is unbelievable (you know what I mean)

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