Krishna Leela #5

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is!

The time came when Devaki got pregnant for the eighth time. 

“The eighth son born to Vasudeva and Devaki will become the reason of your end.” Kansa was terrified because of the fear of his possible death. He got mad, lost his appetite and couldn’t sleep anymore, as the prophecy of the oracle isn’t something that can be proven wrong easily. His hands were trembling at the thought of the birth of the eighth child, who would become the reason of his end.

Down in the dungeons, wailed Devaki. Vasudeva was trying hard to console his wife but Devaki was terrified. A mother, whose seven children died in front her eyes, couldn’t stand the pain anymore.

“My eighth child will be born in a day and he will kill this one too, oh mighty gods, please save my child! I can’t see this anymore” she turned to Vasudeva. “Why didn’t you let my brother kill me that day? At least, I wouldn’t be dying every day! Do gods kept me alive so that I can watch my children being murdered in front of my eyes? Why?” she wailed.

The night soon ended and the next day arrived. Devaki spent the whole night in tears. Dusk gave way to a terrible night as had not been seen earlier in Mathura. It seemed like the whole world could understand Devaki’s pain and joined her in mourning of her unborn child. The world world fell silent until the winds started howling and the clouds in the sky announced the raging storm. 

Suddenly, there was a pin drop silence. And the silence was broken by the cry of the new born baby. The divine child, a son, was born to devaki at the midnight in the prison.

The whole prison got filled with dazzling divine light. 

To be continued….


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How are you? I hope you all are well and happy!

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time… Reason, I think you must be knowing that because I was chirping like a bird everywhere in the comment sections of the other’s posts about my exams…

Finally, they are over and I’m feeling like flying in the sky… A bird who had been freed from the cage!

But whenever I get too happy thinking that they are over now, a loud scary voice revolve in my head!

“Huhahaha, ye to bas trailer tha, picture to abhi baaki hai mere dost!” 

Nevertheless, I did well in my exams, atleast I hope so… 

I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think about it…  🙂 I would be desperately waiting to read them!

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16 thoughts on “Krishna Leela #5

  1. A child born at midnight in a prison in prophetic indeed. It follows the pattern of the anointed one of the world’s sacred mythologies, he or she who emerges into the world in the final hour to rescue this world through love and good power. The rose who blooms in winter! The one born into the prison shall break all the bars and set the prisoners free! It is a beautiful idea you have picked up on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! 😊😊
      I am really glad you liked it!
      You got the meaning absolutely correct… (The child born in prison to do great deeds spread this message that a person’s great deeds bear no resemblance to his birth family or wealthy state, whether rich or poor, famous or unknown…)
      Btw, this is one of the most sacred Hindu mythology! What I have posted on my blog is just my interpretation of that mythology so that it can reach to many people…
      Check out the other parts as well to know the story better, I’d love to get your feedback on them as well…
      Have a wonderful week…

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  2. Yeah!! Yet another captivating episode from Krishna Leela. Loved it,though got to read after a long time. Nevertheless, I must admit that your storytelling skills are really awesome!!👍 Keep up the Good Work! Looking forward for the next episode☺

    Liked by 1 person

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