Krishna Leela #7

​”He who has no attachments can really love others, for his love is pure and divine!”

The lightening in the midnight lit up the whole place for a moment. The fierce rainfall with the storm made it look impossible for Vasudeva to reach his child to Gokul kingdom. But he still had hope, which shattered when he stood facing the river Yamuna with the child in his arms.

The river looked alive and ferocious. The water seemed to overflow and was ready to break the bank anytime. Setting the foot in the river was just like an open invitation to death but he still had to proceed. With a doubtful look, the father looked at the infant’s charming face and with a deep breath, he stepped into the river.

As soon as the feet of lord immersed into the river, the river which appeared to devour the first person to set foot on it – calmed down!

Vasudeva couldn’t believe upon his eyes, for he was watching the river making way for them! The river parted into two, river Yamuna made way for the Lord.

Without delaying any further, Vasudeva proceeded in waist-deep chilling water. Suddenly, he felt something above him. As soon as he looked above, he gasped. A huge black multi-headed snake was raising his head from the water behind him. He got scared to see a serpent on top of him, but in no moment he realized that the serpent’s hood was acting like an umbrella and he didn’t mean any harm to them. The snake was saving the divine baby from rain.

This snake was none other than, Sheshnag.

To his surprise, Vasudeva was able to cross the opposite bank of the river safely. And he entered the village of Gokul. It was past midnight, the people of Gokul were fast asleep. Vasudeva didn’t find any trouble entering the palace of king Nanda, for the palace doors were, as always, wide open. Nanda Maharaja was such a fair and generous king that the people under his reign never needed to fear about intruders or thieves in the night.

This time he didn’t have any doubt about the rest of his journey, for Nanda Maharaja was his friends and he knew that if he has come this far, he will surely be able to complete the rest of it. All the fears vanished from his mind.

To be continued…


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I hope you all are awesome and great!

So, I am too excited for tomorrow’s special episode but to cover up the story I posted an episode now.

I hope you liked it, let me know what do you think about it, please comment below!

Btw, this month is my favourite. Few days back was Rakshan Bandhan, yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow is ….. (I think you know that, if not let it be suspense!)

I would love to get your feedback on it. Any doubts and questions about the story or episode, feel free to ask. I am here! 

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28 thoughts on “Krishna Leela #7

  1. You really have the ancient gift of storytelling. Your style is enthralling, I feel like I’m sitting around a fire listening to you describe this beautiful tale. I think you are breaking it up in perfect chunks. I wish I had some constructive suggestions, but I think your method is perfect.

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  2. Krishna was born in the darkness of the night, into the locked confines of a jail.. However, at the moment of His birth, all the guards fell asleep, the chains were broken and the barred doors gently opened..
    Similarly, as soon as Krishna (Chetna, Awareness) takes birth in our hearts, all darkness (Negativity) fades..
    All chains (Ego, I, Me, Myself) are broken..
    And all prison doors we keep ourselves in (Caste, Religion, Profession, Relations etc.) are opened..
    And that is the real Message and Essence of Janmashtmi..


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  3. I couldn’t stop myself to read your 8th episode first. The special one.. So I read that first and came back to this. You are a great writer, Harsh. And since you write about Him, about my Lord, you are special. God bless you. And, one of my fav festival is Rakhsha Bandhan too. Belated wishes 😃😇

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