Krishna Leela #8 (Janmashtami Special)

“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return.”

Vasudeva crossed the river Yamuna with a multi-headed serpent’s hood over him to protect the child from rain. Soon, he reached Nanda’s Maharaja Palace. He didn’t find any trouble to get in because he knew that if he has come this far, the god will help him to complete the rest.

The people of Gokul were fast asleep. Treading softly with the child in his arms, Vasudeva reached queen Yashoda’s quarters. Vasudeva rolled over his eyes and found Yashoda sleeping peacefully with her new born baby in her bed. He realized that her baby girl was awake, staring at the door as if she was already expecting him to come.

Vasudeva scooped the girl next to Yashoda in his other arm and placed his son in the empty space. The father was unsure, if he will ever be able to meet his son again. With tears in his eyes, he kissed his son’s forehead.

“Goodbye, my son,” He whispered. The voice in his head assured him that the world was about to change!

Then, without looking back, he left Gokul with Nanda Mahraja’s daughter in his arms.

With Sheshnag assisting him like before, Vasudeva reached Mathura and returned to the prison with the child in his arms. He entered the dark prison and laid the baby next to Devaki. As soon as the girl child felt the hard floor on her back, she started to cry.

All the guards suddenly awoke from their sleep and became aware that a baby was born. Within a blink of eye, they rushed to Kamsa to deliver him the news.

“The eighth child of devaki, slayer of Kamsa, was born!”

The evil king was very pleased to hear the news at first, for he thought he could finally kill his nephew, the eighth child of his sister. But soon a wave of fear surrounded him. He questioned himself – what if he might not be able to do so? But the tyrannical king, putting aside all his fears, rushed to the dungeons to execute the child, who was said to be his slayer.

Furiously, he reached the dungeons. The palace guards even were trembled at his enraged face. Kamsa entered the cell where his sister and her husband lived for past nine years.

“Where is he?” he roared with great anger. “Where’s my slayer?”

Devaki fell to her knees and pleaded to Kamsa.

“O kamsa, my eighth child is a girl, and not the son that the oracle warned you about. How can she harm you? There’s no way she can. O my brother, I request you. I join my hands in front of you, please let your only niece live! Please.” Devaki wailed.

As soon as Kamsa found the baby to be girl, he laughed like a man who has just defeated death. But kamsa had lost the control over his senses; he couldn’t even remember the oracle warning of his slayer being a boy, not a girl. Kamsa loved his life, more than anything else in the world. He couldn’t take any chance. He, as always, turned a deaf ear to all the heart-rending cries of his sister. In bling rage, He snatched the girl from Devaki’s lap, and hurled the child to smash her against the wall. He was happy at the thought that he had discovered the secret to his immortality.

Image result for goddess durga and kamsa

But this time, the baby did not die; instead, she flew up and remained suspended in the air for a moment, which no one present there could believe upon. Suddenly, the prison got filled again with a blinding, dazzling light. Kamsa was forced to cover his eyes from the intensity of the light.

As soon as the light subsided, all of them realized that the child had turned into a ferocious Goddess!

She rose in the eight-armed form, dressed in shining garments and dazzling jewels. She looked terrible and divine at the same time.

This Goddess was none other than, Goddess Durga!

And then she said something, which scared him to death and left him terrified for the rest of his life.

To be continued…


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Happy Janmashtami!

I hope you all are great and enjoying today. Isn’t it interesting to note that Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and our episode of Janmashtami Special is also Eighth! No, it wasn’t planned, just a co-incidence.

May God Krishna bless all of us and take birth in our heart to fade away all the darkness which lies within us.

I hope you liked this post. let me know what you think about it. I love to read the comments, it encourages me actually. 

I also want to share something with you that one of my friend wrote in the comments section of the older post.

 Sherry wrote:

“Krishna was born in the darkness of the night, into the locked confines of a jail.. However, at the moment of His birth, all the guards fell asleep, the chains were broken and the barred doors gently opened..
Similarly, as soon as Krishna (Chetna, Awareness) takes birth in our hearts, all darkness (Negativity) fades..
All chains (Ego, I, Me, Myself) are broken..
And all prison doors we keep ourselves in (Caste, Religion, Profession, Relations etc.) are opened..
And that is the real Message and Essence of Janmashtmi..

Thank you so much for sharing your view with us. I think the life of Shri krishna is full of morals and messages for humankind. The child born in the prison and so many other things are filled with numerous beautfiul lessons.  

Once again, Happy Janmashtami!

My Indian Readers would be knowing very well about this festival. I suppose, rest of my friends maybe are confused. So let me know if you want me to do a post describing the festival of Janmashtami becuase this festival is filled with lot of fun, and excitement!

Have a wonderful day!

See you soon…

22 thoughts on “Krishna Leela #8 (Janmashtami Special)

  1. Reblogged this on Incredible Pie and commented:
    Happy Janmashtami!!☺👍
    An innocent Child,A lover, A King, A Protector,A human being who became God by His Deeds!!
    An Exceptional Example of everything that you can Imagine!!

    All in One and One in All.

    Shri Krishna.

    Happy Birthday Kaanha Ji☺👍

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    1. You’re welcome!
      You summed up the whole lesson so beautifully, I thought you deserved it!
      Happy Janmashtmi!

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  2. So beautifully written ,I mean I have never read krishna stories in english language but the way you written . The selection of words and descriptions of scene are amazing.Reminded me of those childhood sundays ,we used to stick around tv to watch krishna .

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    1. 😊 thank you so much!!!
      I am really glad to hear that they reminded you of your childhood.
      Check out the other parts as well, of you like. I would love to get your feedback on them too.
      Have a great day!

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