Krishna Leela #9

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger!”

The baby was swapped with the Daughter of Nanda Maharaja. With the girl child in his arms, Vasudeva returned to the prison. As soon as Kamsa reached the dark dungeons, he hurled the child to smash her against the wall. He was too happy for he finally found the key to his immortality. But instead of what Kamsa was imagining, the girl child flew up and remained in the air until she turned into a ferocious Goddess, Durga!

The Goddess with an angry voice said – “You foolish Kamsa, there’s no force powerful enough on earth and heaven that can kill me. So, how can you, you mindless creature. I can turn you into ashes right now, but I won’t do so. Your fate is already written. And your time will come soon, for your slayer is already born. Just count your days Kamsa, for you can do nothing but pay for your sins. Your slayer is well and alive in a safe place. One day, he will come to you, to kill you. You can’t resist your fate, no matter how hard you try.”

Saying so, she disappeared leaving everyone shocked in the dark prison, especially Kamsa who was now terrorized at the thought that he can’t do anything now. His slayer has taken birth. But he wasn’t going to accept his fate so easily.


Meanwhile, everyone was rejoicing in the village of Gokul, a baby boy was born to King Nanda. The whole village wore a festive look. All the streets were swept clean and the houses were decorated with colors and fragrant flowers. Everyone was in joyous mood and danced to the Nanda’s house.

In the cabin, where queen Yashoda just awoke with the baby lying at her side, was confused. She thought that she gave birth to a girl child but how come a baby boy was lying at her side? Yashoda felt that she had a strange dream and happily accepted that the child she gave birth was a boy.

But something was different in this child. He was not like any ordinary child; his skin glowed with a dark-blue color as is seen in the monsoon clouds filled with water. Yashoda ran her hand over the baby’s forehead. The baby’s eyes twinkled merrily. He never cried and always had a smile for everyone. His charming face could have even melted the rock.

To be continued…


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I hope you all are great. How was your weekened? I hope your answer is, Awesome!


I would like to thank all my dear tachers for making me who I am today. I don’t know if I ever will be able to return only 1% of what you gave to me. Thank you so much for being in my life, to guide me through all my way, to let me make mistakes so that I can improve.

It is said – “Teacher is like a candle, it burns to illuminate the path for others.”

Special Thanks to my Mom, my first and best teacher. I don’t know what to write because you have done so many things for me that I can’t explain in words. But still, I would like to say a small ‘THANK YOU’ with a big heart.

A very HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY to all the teachers. Without you, I don’t think anyone would have achieved success in life because it is a teacher who teaches all professions.

Have a wonderful day!

see you soon…


32 thoughts on “Krishna Leela #9

  1. Yaar Tu mere chote bhai ki tarah hai and agar I can teach you something I would be more than happy. What I write took me lot of time to master and you will too. Infact you are way better than me at learning things. Life main kabhi bhi kisi ke sath compare mat kario except yourself and believe me you will always be happy. Sirf apne upar kam karne pe focus kar. Everything other will fall into place.

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  2. I came looking and so glad to find the next part to your story! thank you for posting and how lovely your mention of your teachers and your mom! you are a thankful grateful person and there is no better way to be! Very nice! 🙂


  3. I’m a big devotee of Lord Krishna and have heard his stories since childhood.
    You have very beautifully expressed and portrayed all the stories here out of which some were not known to me yet 😀
    Loved all of the krishna leela stories 🙂

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