Bhajan Sangeet (Music) Competition… 

Hello wonderful readers!

I hope you are awesome and doing great!

Aug 7, 10:30 in school…

Prachi : Guys, 10 C is singing way better than us.

Sudha : But you were the one who rejected that song and they got that, and now we are stuck with this song. Obviously, they will win.

Shivani : If we try to sing our song in a better way, surely we can win.

Me : Oh God, this headache. I’m gonna die!


Same day, 2:10

I was leaving the school when suddenly I realized my legs got paralysed. I couldn’t walk properly but still I managed to reach my home by picking up the Auto Rickshaw. 

(I requested Gods for some rain that day, but they were not in mood. But gratefully, large clouds eclipsed the sun.)

I reached my home and found someone calling me. Who’s calling me? I asked myself. And then I got the answer, it was my bed.

I gave a huge hug to my bed without even changing my uniform. Papa and Mummy suddenly realized that their invention is not well. (Yes, I consider myself as an invention. You know, I am an alien)

A long thermometer was inserted in my mouth and the temperature was… *drum beats* 100 above.

Now my mom got over concerned because everyone in my home already have fell ill and she thought that I got viral fever. I took some medicine and hugged my bed (this time after changing my uniform.)

When I woke up, My legs hurted lesser than before but still I was feeling like water (flowing here and there because my legs couldn’t stand straight) yes, I love vaporeon and I am a water bender maybe.

My mom demanded that I will not go to school tomorrow, even if my competition was tomorrow. I gasped.


Same day, 10:30…

I went to doctor 3 hours ago and got some Medicines (I will tell you how it wwasa mistake) and then after taking Medicines, I went to Temple. See, I am an alien, but my parents are Jain so ultimately, I am also Jain. And nowadays our festival is going on. It is Dashlakshan (10 days festival) so this is the reason I went to Temple near my house, just a street far.

I got back to my home after 1 hour and then after sometime, the lights got off and all went to sleep except my mom and me (we were still awake because we both were awake, good logic)

My mom was awake because after every five minutes, she came near me and touched my forehead to check how hot the kettle was. Was it hot enough for an omelette? (I am vegetarian)

After some hours, because I exactly don’t know when I dwelled into dreams. In my dream, I found myself in a room where many people were standing with a knife in their hand. (It’s just fictional because I don’t remember my dreams… Sorry) 


Aug 8, 6:00… (The day of competition)

My throat was paining as if it had just turned to a desert and someone have stuffed sand inside my mouth. (Just like in angels and demons, Illuminati)

I reached for water and got fresh. I was worried about the competition because if my body got paralysed, I don’t have any healing powder, the one you use on Pokemons. On my planet, no one gets paralysis, so there is no cure known to us, aliens.

My mom suddenly realized that I have woken up. She touched my forehead to check if the pan was hot enough. And then she gasped. Was I burning?

Again, thermometer was inserted in my mouth forcefully. And the temperature haven’t changed since yesterday and now it was 103 C

Mom : You are not going to school today. Your friends know about your condition. And also, you are singing in a group. Others can handle it without you. Just rest here 

Me : (with shinchan glittering eyes) but mom I am singing solo in the starting of the song. If. I don’t go, the whole song will get spoiled.

Mom : take your Medicines and do some rest.


Same day, 7:00 am…

I was supposed to get ready for the competition. I was supposed to leave for school within next 15 minutes in order to reach school within time. But here I was lying in my bed with my mom’s voice revolving in my mind like a threat : take your Medicines and do some rest.

I was sure that I will miss this competition. What will my friends think of me. That I backed out at the last moment. What will my teacher think of me?

Even though I was supposed to take some rest and sleep but I couldn’t. I was desperate to leave for the school else I would get late.


Same day, 8:15…

I was half an hour late. I rushed to my school and suddenly realised what if they didn’t allow me in?

But just like Vasudeva, there were no guards near the school gates and the gate was fortunately open. I looked inside to check if it was safe to move forward. I got in like a thief, no wait, like a snake. I reached my classroom and found my friend Mukul (one of the participants) and he exclaimed with joy to see me.

My teacher asked me how I was late and then I explained him the whole situation and gladly he let me go.

Prachi, sarangati, shivani, Mukul, sudha, kaushiki, yashila and moksha, all were so happy that I reached school. Though, they noticed that my face was blood red, like a monkey. My teacher said : where were you? 

The competition was about to start within few minutes.

10 A vs 10 B vs 10 C

I was ready but I forgot to bring the peacock feather to tuck it on my head with that chunni.

Thank you so much Suddhanshu (from 10 C ) even though he was from the competitor side, he still taught me the lesson of friendship and spirit of team work.

All the student from all three sections were called in the hall to attend the competition. After few moments, Principal Ma’am, Director Ma’am and Prashant Sir entered in the hall.

We were out of breath because we knew that our name will be announced first. With holding our breath we reached on the stage and took our position.

Kaushiki, who was dressed as Mirabai to give the feeling to our song did a wonderful job. Thank you so much Kaushiki.

I started the song and as soon as I completed the starter, our group started to sing together. Mirabai performed near the stage. 

When we were singing, the faces of our judges (all the three mentioned before) were emotionless and I was like. We’re gonna lose.

As soon as we ended, sound of applause reached our ears which made us happy.

We got back to our seats to see the ready of the program. Fortunately, we were on the front row.

10 B and 10 C completed their performance.

after the performance of class 10 C, we were like: I don’t think we will get even the consolation prize. They sung so beautiful.

After the performances, Principal Ma’am reached on the stage. 

I don’t remember exactly what she said but whatever I remember is here :

“I am really glad that students of class 10 participated in this new competition. This competition was really good. And let me tell you, the difference between marks is really very close. So before announcing the winner, I would like to tell you something.

Where are the students of class 10 B? Please, raise your hand up. So, I really appreciate that the students participated but the number of participants was really less. If they don’t win today, the whole class is responsible.

So should I tell who is the winner now. See, this is not about winning or losing, it is about learning and growing. But we must choose a winner.”

Sudha: I know 10 C will win. This is all because of Prachi. The song they sung was with us before and then she gave it to them and we got this boring one.

Me: don’t say that we will lose because of her, we are a group, a team.

Sarangati: yes sudha, don’t dare to blame her.

“And the winner is….. Class tenth ” A”

 The whole Hall got cheered up and we shouted our life out. Me, Prachi and Moksha jumped off our seats and exclaimed in surprise. Prachi and Moksha hugged each other in joy. And at the perfect Time, Sir clicked their pic.


Have a wonderful day!!!

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16 thoughts on “Bhajan Sangeet (Music) Competition… 

    1. I am really good, except I have 103 C fever and I am really hungry.
      I can’t eat anything because I just can’t eat but I am too hungry. I can’t even drink plain water because it is tasting horrible.
      Otherwise, I am awesome.
      How are you?

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  1. It’s beautiful…I really enjoyed your story and the way you describe it was even more interesting. Congrats that you won the competition and I was really overjoyed to read that part. I hope you are better now,Get well soon.Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      I am really glad that you actually read it, never expected someone to do that after posting such a long post.
      I am too glad that you liked it.
      Yeah, I am feeling better now. Hope you’re well too.

      Liked by 1 person

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