Are you getting Bored?

I am lying in my bed to take some (whole day) rest. And I am fed up with just lying on my bed.

On other days, I would have taken it as an awesome gift but now it’s itching me.

So, I thought, let me talk to my wonderful bloggers. New participants from now on are requested to take up any of the question from any of the sets.

You can talk to me on any topic :

1. Do aliens have nose or they are like Lord voldemort?

2. Do life exist on sun?

3. Do I think I am stupid?

4. Whatever you like to talk about.


(Next set of questions)

1. Do you think volcanoes contain water?

2. What do you know about bioluminescent objects?

3. Do I really think I am stupid?

4. What would you do if you see a ghost?

So, I am here waiting to listen from you. And. Yeah, don’t be shy, if you like I will delete your selected comments from the blog. I use to do this because sometimes I behave like a fool in the comments section.



Meet you in the comments section…

See you soon!


127 thoughts on “Are you getting Bored?

      1. I strongly believe life exist outside,but cant say whetr it will look like humans,but the infinity of universe and millions of planets capable of supporting life gives hope.

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      2. I am so happy! I just can’t believe that I won.
        I would like to thank my mom first, who was behind my every achievement. Love you mumma.
        Next I would like to thank my audience who trusted in me.
        Thank you so much for this Oscar

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      3. Oh ma god,really thats very sad dear,I think we should learn from it,such a sadness and depression was turned in to positivity and reason for happiness,isn’t it?

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      4. See, the writer and maker of Shinchan is known to be yoshito usui…
        But Japanese people believe that Misae story was inspired him to write it.
        Do you know yoshito was found dead down in the cliff of some Japanese hill?
        People doubted if it was a suicide. Days before he refused to draw anything at all and just isolated him. After few days, his body was found down there.

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      5. No pa ,what I meant to say is that,life exist outside,may be in the form of bacteria also,we cant say that it will look like humans or the typical imaginary picture of aliens.

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  1. Is there life on sun? Hmm.. my question to you would be – is it too hot on the sun? May be we should carry sunscreen, umbrella and lots of water when we go there. ๐Ÿ˜› (provided the water does not evaporate)

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      1. Of course, how do u think v know the distance from earth to other planets, number of natural satellites, temperature, etc. May be they also use wp and WhatsApp ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Aliens don’t have a nose, they breathe out of their tentacles. No life exist on the sun except for fire. No, I don’t think you’re are stupid maybe in your feelings but not stupid. FAB are you an impatient person?? maybe you should require people to workout every day instead of no pizza. I have recently liked without commenting but it because I’m adjusting to the subject matter that’s all.

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  3. I get bored when I can’t interact with all of my senses and have to imagine all the time. not bored as in wanting something else but bored as in I’m waiting. Hasn’t it been long enough??

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    1. First of all, I will touch his/her feet… (If he/she happens to have legs) you know sanskaar.
      Then I would offer tea with some biscuits or whatever is in the kitchen.
      And then I would ask how did he become ghost? Can we become friends? Can you be my bhoot uncle or bhoot aunty and help me in my exams?
      Isn’t it a great idea?


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