Andrew’s Adventure #1

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in your dreams? I suggest, don’t. I had made a mistake by following my dreams, which revealed to me the biggest truth of my existence. I didn’t know that destiny would play such a game with me. I used to be a very happy kid, enjoying my life at school with my best friends and playing football. But now my daily schedule is radically different. Little did I know that March 23rd was going to change my life forever. 

Well sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Andrew, but you can just call me Andy. I’m thirteen years old. I live in Los Angeles with my uncle and aunt. I don’t remember my parents actually. Uncle James told me that they died in a car accident when I was around 2 years old. I don’t even know how they used to look. There are no photographs of them and moreover, my parents are a topic which no one likes to bring up.

Life was really going fantastic for me. But I didn’t know that it was just a fleeting moment.

The night of March 22nd was cold enough to send shivers down my back. The wind was howling and the branches of the trees were rattling as if a storm was about to brew. I glanced at the moon through my open window and scary thoughts came into my mind with perfect timing. But I learned to sing songs when this happens. I tried to induce my sleep by singing, “Why Not Me?” And gladly, sleep accepted me and I dwelled into dreams.

In my dream I strangely found myself in the school library, a place that is probably not meant for me. It was completely dark and the only source of light was the moon, which scattered through the open windows. I walked a few steps until I found myself a bench to sit in next to a window. My eyes caught the number written on the bench was 21, the same as my roll number. I peeked through the window and the wind touched my face. Suddenly, the sound of a voice whispered in my ear. I turned back and caught my breath. A lady was standing by the shelf in front of me. She was dressed in a glowing white veil that lit the whole room. The glow of her body made it difficult to look directly at her, which is why I couldn’t make out her face.

Hello, young hero,” the lady said.

Who are you?” I asked.

That’s not important, I need your help.

How can I help you?

I need you to find something that is hidden here.

But what is that something?

Your heart knows the answer. It will come to you at the right time,” she said and started to fade away.

I was shocked to see her become transparent. I stood up and realized that blood was dripping off my palm. I didn’t know how it happened. My hand was in terrible pain; I took out my handkerchief and cleaned the blood. Suddenly another woman’s voice reached my ears, but this one was familiar to me.


Hello everyone,

Did you enjoy reading this? Please let me know if you find yourself excited to read the next part…

What do you think what will happen next?

Have wonderful life ahead!

See you soon…


40 thoughts on “Andrew’s Adventure #1

  1. I really like it, it is well written and very descriptive and the storyline is very clever however one of the things my creative writing teachers keeps drilling into me is to show not tell. Rather than state things, suggest them and make the reader be the one to make the link rather than telling them straight out. It can be hard from first person but it also gives you the opportunity of feelings and thoughts to explain the topic

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  2. I loved reading it, I will surely like reading next part of it and what will happen next is something I don’t wanna guess after all it is your story and , I surely don’t wanna spoil it by giving my ideas. All the best , good work.

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  3. Loved it Harsh! Im off to read part 2! You know you always get my attention and keep it you are very good at writing and telling a story for sure! 🙂

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      1. Im really glad to be here to get to read you Harsh! You are very welcome! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just read part 4 and truly they just keep getting better!! Such good work!

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