Andrew’s Adventure #2

Wake up!” Aunt Annie was standing over me. I found myself rolling around in my bed curled up in the blanket. I looked at my hand and fortunately it was perfectly fine. I knew it was a dream, but the pain was real.

Do you want me to tell you that you are running late?” she said.

I looked at the clock and jumped from my bed. I dressed and got ready to go to school when suddenly, I realized that I was missing something. It was very important, but I was drawing a blank as to what it was. I tried to wake up the sleeping horses in the stable of my mind, but they were not in the mood. I left the question unanswered since I was already late. As I was leaving for the school, Aunt Annie called out and stopped me on the doorstep.

Andrew, don’t you say goodbye to me anymore?” she said.

Yeah sure, goodbye and take care,” I said with my breakfast still in my mouth. She put her hand on my shoulder.

Take this with you Andy,’’ she pulled out her other hand and produced a locket that shimmered 50 shades of gold in the morning sunlight.

What’s this?” I asked but she didn’t reply.

I put the locket in my bag and ran towards the school as fast as I could to avoid the gates closing in my face. Luckily I managed to reach them in time — according to me. I headed toward my class and opened the door. Fortunately no one seemed to notice except Erik, one of my best friends. We’d been best friends for many years and that is the reason I know so much about him. Did I tell you that he carries a whole cafeteria in his bag? Well that’s true. You can especially always find him murdering a burger. He is the type of friend who I can call for dinner, but not so much for group studies. But to be truthful, he is probably better than me at studies.

Erik waved at me and I sat next to him. Right behind us, Christine was sitting by herself. Christine is the third angle of our triangle. Our friendship began with a fight when by mistake, I dropped my water bottle on her bench and it showered her books. BEWARE, this will be the last thing you’ll ever do, she implied with a look. She turned into mini-sized Queen Kong that day for damaging her books. Eventually, we became friends when I helped her with a school craft project. But yes, she did take her revenge, that of which I don’t want to mention. Not only is she passionate about books, but I also like that she will not hesitate to help others. She doesn’t have many friends except for Erik and I because she doesn’t like when anyone calls her a nerd, which happens a lot. Though I don’t consider myself a nerd, I don’t have many friends either. I said hello to her and she replied, “You are late!” Erik was searching out for something in his bag and I knew what it could be.

Hey dude, want some fries?” He took some fries out of his bag and my guess was right. Even during lectures Erik manages to have a hamburger and coke without even being noticed. I sometimes wonder if he is invisible to the teacher.

He offered me his fries but I shook my head and mouthed, “NO.” He looked pretty happy with thought he would not be sharing his food.

Teacher,” a loud voice growled from within the room. “Aren’t we supposed to submit our assignments today?

And there she was — Elis — the girl I hate the most. She is shaped like a fat drum and her ugly hairs look like a nest on her head. Her rotten teeth pull back to reveal a creepy smile. I can never understand what her problem is with me, but she never misses an opportunity to poke fun and insult me with the help of her minions.

Andy, have you brought your assignment?” Christine whispered.

I searched over my bag and the horses finally woke up; that something which I was missing at home was none other than, the assignment.

Oh yeah, I brought mine in!” Erik said gloating.

Andy, you forgot to bring it, didn’t you?” Christine read my face which was turning pale.

I nodded with a pleading expression for them to help me out.

Ok fine, we’ll help you. Now stop looking at me like that!” she said.

But how will we help you?” Erik asked.

You guys always have a plan. Make me invisible or something and hide me!

And then, Erik came up with an awesome idea. “Let’s ditch the class!

Christine punched him in the back so hard that his eyes almost came out of their sockets. “Are you out of your mind? Where will we go?

And then again, Erik came up with a plan. “Let’s go to the library.


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You can find the first part here – Andrew’s Adventure #1

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41 thoughts on “Andrew’s Adventure #2

      1. I was waiting for that Jio article since when you mentioned it! Remember the title : Jio: the real struggle! 😂😂
        Bhaiya, I adore your writing but you always write posts about love and heartbreaking sadness… I love the way you write them but I just can’t find any words to give my feedback on a topic which I have no knowledge in… Experience is out of the field… Haha 😂😂
        But still, I love reading what you write…

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      2. Awesome! Though I had this idea on my mind since a long time… But I’d love to share it with you!
        My challange to you is: write a post or a story contrasting aloneness and loneliness… A story which differentiate between both these terms! What say? Do you accept it…
        I would like to know what you come up with because I’ll be writing on the same maybe sometime after…

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