Blue Watery Eyes! #1

They were wandering in the woods. It was her favourite, for she thought that all the questions which arise in our mind or heart, the answers of them lie in the beauty of the nature.

Whenever she felt alone or found herself in a doubt, she would go in the woods to spend sometime talking with the birds who were sleeping in their nest high above the ground. Or she would discover a caterpillar and look at it in amazement wondering how unique every creation is.

But this time she was not alone, she was with him. No, they weren’t friends. It was a matter of fact that he found someone going into the woods and followed.

What are you doing here?” He asked quietly, still measuring the height of the trees by his eyes.

Spending time with my best friends…” She said softly, in a dreamy voice.

But, where are your best friends?” He asked, still unsure about if she had any best friends.

They are everywhere around you…” She said in a soothing voice.

He got confused and turned around, “But, I can’t see any…” He asked with his voice lowered.

Don’t you think it’s impressive that the most beautiful of the things can’t be seen, only be felt?” She said, turning to him with her glittering, blue watery eyes…


Hello everyone!

Happy Dussehra… May the victory of good over evil be always renowned! May all the negativity in our heart fades away.

I would love to know if you liked this post. Would you like me to continue it and read more if it?

I am waiting to receive your feedback and your comments!

Don’t forget to comment even if you forget to like…

Once Again, Happy Dussehra or Happy Vijayadashmi!

Have an amazing day!

See you soon…

115 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes! #1

  1. ha..feel much relaxed after walking through the woods with your words.. That blue watery eyes telling me something in connection to my todays post…

    no doubt, you should continue this..

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  2. Happy Dusherra friend ( I wanna know your name :))
    Nicely written, I like the point where she answered about her best friends that the best of the things cant be seen but only felt. Yes, you should keep on writting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The most beautiful things are the sometimes unseen, what an amazing thought Bhai. I loved reading this very much. The imagery is great, use of words amazing and the message spectacular.
    Great work!

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  4. Beautiful one dear πŸ™‚ with ur simple narration i was literally among the woods talking to the trees. I was giggling at the boy’s question and searching around to see the friends πŸ™‚

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  5. you should definitely continue this post.
    I really liked when she said “Don’t you think it’s impressive that the most beautiful of the things can’t be seen, only be felt?”
    Happy Dussehra to you too harsh ☺

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love all of your works but watery eyes is just so special to me! what a nice way to start my day! thank you for that!! πŸ™‚

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      2. well maybe other stories are more of suspense and mystery and while they make for an excellent read this story of yours seems to be like a dream..its that magical experience that we all wish to feel you connect more so with it..its light and airy and draws even you the writer in. We come from the universe and nature so of course we shall return to nature to seek peace…at least that is how I feel over it. I just love the innocence and mysterious excitement that you have combined here!

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  6. This ones close to my heart cuz u involved nature over here. But yeah I like the character . she says she finds answer amidst wood. Like I do. Where else can u find the answers to all the turbulence inside .

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  7. I am glad that you continued writing more episodes of this tale. I am loving it. Very curious to know what will happen in the next posts, will he eventually become a friend from a stranger!

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  8. I’m obviously late to this series but I look forward to reading through it. This opening ignites a reader’s curiosity and leaves them wanting more. Love the enigmatic quality the writing and narrative has!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot to me, (your name, if I may ask?)
      I am really sorry that you have to read it when I have put a full stop to this series, because this is the first draft of the novel I’m working upon. And I know it’s kinda bad, but it is just the first draft.
      I hope to have some constructive feedback by you.
      Thanks! πŸ™‚


      1. It’s nice for a first draft and I look forward to reading and providing feedback after I have finished my homework over the course of this weekend. And, my name is Gabe by the way.

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