Andrew’s Adventure #3

I must say, that was very smart of Erik because Christine can never refuse the library, as the books are the only things she can never live without.

Library! We don’t have much time boys, let’s move!” she said.

Erik winked at me as if saying, “Mission accomplished.” One by one, we got out of class by making up bathroom excuses, and then we moved for the library.

We reached the library at the end of the corridor. To my surprise, no one was there except us. Usually there were always some group of students from higher classes lingering around, but they were not there that day. Christine immediately began examining the shelves as if hunting for treasure. Erik on the other hand, searched for something in his bag. My guess was right again as he carefully picked the burger from his bag. He met my stare and picked out another one intended for me, but I was not in mood to eat and shook my head. My refusal pleased him as usual.

I looked out through the window and found the sky was a brilliantly blue and the weather was just perfect for a picnic. I sat at the bench right next to a window and let the wind touch my face. I felt as if I was in heaven.

Get up from there, that’s my favorite bench!” Erik shouted at me like he was crazy.

As I stood up from the bench, my palm struck a pointy corner of the metal framework of the seat. I looked down to find it made a very good size cut and my hand started to bleed. I felt something on the ground under my foot; I lifted my foot and found a handkerchief colored red with blood. Quickly, I turned around and found that the bench I was sitting in was numbered 21. I felt scared more than shocked when I connected it with my dream. How could it be possible? Was my dream real? I got confused with so many thoughts processing in my mind that suddenly my vision blurred and a blackout covered me.

I felt a few drops of water on my face; I opened my eyes and identified Christine and Erik standing near me. My head was throbbing like I just completed the full week’s math homework.

Are you O.K.?’ Christine asked.

Yeah maybe, it’s just a headache,” I said.

What’s the matter, Andy? Tell me.

I had a dream and it seems like it just came true. But how could it be…

Were we there in your dream?” Erik asked excitedly.

No, you weren’t there. I was by that same bench when a lady appeared. She asked me to help her find something hidden here and then she just disappeared.

As soon as I told them about my dream, their faces turned pale.

But, how is this possible?” they said in unison. “I had the same dream too.

I got nervous. “If we had the same dream, then it can’t be any coinci…


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