Andrew’s Adventure #5

I picked up the mirror from the bench and winked.

“Andy, stop behaving like a fool. Give it to me!” She snatched the mirror from my hands.

Christine looked at the mirror. Suddenly, her eyes grew wide and she dropped it, which could have shattered into pieces if I wasn’t there to catch it.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but she didn’t reply and stood still as a statue. I shook her roughly.

“I can’t see myself in the mirror,” she said with her lips quivering.

‘What? This time I won’t be fooled by you!” I said.

She stood by my side and raised the mirror; my mouth fell open when I saw myself in the mirror ALONE! Christine was not in the reflection, but she was standing with me holding the mirror.

“I told you,” she said. I looked at her face and I knew she was scared.

I looked again in the mirror, but this time I wasn’t alone. A man with his whole body wrapped in a black veil was coming towards us.

“Is someone coming up behind us?” I kept my eyes on the mirror.

“It’s getting closer,” I said.

Christine turned, “Yeah, you are right!”

I twisted myself around to find a 7 foot tall, muscular man covered in dark black clothes and hiding his face. In a hurry, I slipped the mirror in my bag and zipped it shut. The man stopped right in front us.

“Give it back!” He said with his shaky voice, as if the voice was not of a human.

But the mirror was mine now. I found it and moreover it was really beautiful. How could I have just given it to him? I shook my head, which appeared to be the biggest mistake of my life.

“I tried to ask politely. Now face your worst demise,” he shouted with his deadly sounding voice. He removed the dark, reveling his half burnt face. He wore a black armor that glowed red from inside as if his body was burning. His eyes glowed bright red as well, which were painful to look at. He slid a gleaming sword out of its sheath and I said, “Run!”



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19 thoughts on “Andrew’s Adventure #5

    1. 😁😁😊😊😊 Thank you so much!!!
      I am really happy that suspense is killing you… No I am not happy because it’s killing you, I mean I am happy because…. Ahhh, you know what I mean… Haha

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  1. How you weave these stories is a mystery to me Harsh! Hold this talent close to you. I hope you know how special a gift this is to have! Ive a feeling you know that already, though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊😊😊 Thank you so much for this beautiful comment…
      Maybe I am finding out more of this talent to master in it…
      And your support and encouragement really helps…
      Btw, I was talking about blue watery eyes part 2… Haha

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