Andrew’s Adventure #6

His eyes glowed bright red as well, which were painful to look at. He slid a gleaming sword out of its sheath and I said, “Run!”

We ran with our all might and hid behind a shelf. We just caught our breath when he reached us and roared, sword rose. I pushed Christine out of the way as we dodged the attack. Christine threw her bag at his face, causing him to falter; this gave us enough time to escape and we got to our feet and ran again. I wondered if anyone out there would hear the noise and come in to help us, but we were not that fortunate.

“I’ll distract him and you can get him from the back,” I said. Though even I was unsure about my own plan.

We split up and I threw my water bottle at him to get his attention. Christine then slid out of his view. Fortunately, my bottle hit him in the eye, but that just made him more angry. He ran towards me in a rage. He slashed his sword in a deadly arc to cut my head off, but I dodged it by just a few inches. Christine grabbed some books and threw them at his back, whispering sweet apologies. Foolish I knew, but for a book-lover like her, really difficult.  I had enough time to get on him. I jumped on his back and he threw me like a toy at the wall with enough force that could have snapped my spine, but luckily didn’t. I could see Christine with tears in her eyes when the man raised his sword. Suddenly, a flying bench hit the man on his head and he fell to the ground losing grip of his sword. The sword fell just few feet away from me.

“Run guys!” Erik shouted from the direction the bench was thrown.

We couldn’t stop him by just running for our lives. I knew what I had to do. I ran towards the sword on the ground and picked it up. Without letting him have a chance to get back up, I raised the sword and slashed down with all my might. The man with the burnt face exploded into a sticky purple liquid, spilling all over the ground. I stumbled at the sight of a man turning into a liquid. Christine rushed over to me with tears in her eyes and Erik stood stunned beside a shelf of books.

I was totally scared that I just killed a man. But was he a human? If yes, how could he turn into that purple liquid? I wiped the tears from Christine’s face. I thought, any moment Aunt Annie would come up and wake me up telling me that I am getting late. But, it didn’t happen. My hands were still trembling with the sword in my hand. We rushed toward our class hardly catching our breath.

I opened the door and smacked it against the door. It made a bang but none of the student seemed to bother. They didn’t even look at us. Their eyes were glued to the board where the teacher was standing still with a chalk in her hands. I realized that some students were holding the pen but weren’t writing anything.

“We need to get out!” Erik shouted in the room but still no one responded.

Christine waved her hand in front of Elis’ face but she didn’t even blink. Suddenly, my eyes caught the wall clock placed above the board; I caught my breath when I saw the seconds hand had stopped. I trembled and stepped back.


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        I just wanted to tell you that you can add a profile pic to your username, like gravatar…
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    1. Oh my god!!! You actually read this one too!!!
      I am so sorry for taking so much of your time…
      But I am super glad that you liked this one, though I know this one was pretty bad in writing style compared to blue watery eyes, because I wrote it when I was much younger.
      But again, I am so sorry, I have ended this series!!! 😟😟😟
      Please forgive me…


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