Blue Watery Eyes! #2

“But, where are your best friends?” He asked, still unsure about if she had any best friends.

“They are everywhere around you…” She said in a soothing voice.

He got confused and turned around, “But, I can’t see any…” He asked with his voice lowered.

“Don’t you think it’s impressive that the most beautiful of the things can’t be seen, only be felt?” She said, turning to him with her glittering, blue watery eyes…

“Hey, Ash! What are you doing there, Buddy?” Someone called out the boy from outside of the forest.

The boy, who now had a name, turned around to find his friend, Jason calling him. Ash wondered how Jason got to know that he was here.

Ash turned to the girl with the dreamy voice, “May I know your na…” But she was already gone. The mist covered his view and now all he could see were big green trees and sunshine slicing through them. “Where’d she go?” He said to himself.

“Don’t tell me you’re playing hide and seek by yourself. Come on, We’re getting late” Jason shouted to make his voice audible to Ash in the forest.

Still dazed by what happened right now, he collected his senses, “Coming!” he answered and got out of that forest.

“What were you doing there? Talking with trees?” Jason demanded.

But Ash remained silent for a minute and then spoke up, “Did you see that girl behind me? With those blonde hairs?”

Jason shook his head. “No one was there except you.”


Hello wonderful bloggers!

I hope you’re having a great time enjoying your life, because you should!

You can find the first part here – Blue Watery Eyes #1

So here I am with another post based on those Blue Watery Eyes, I hope you liked it…

Let me know in the comment’s section what do you think of this post…

Have a Joyful Day!

Be unique, Be you because that’s the only thing in the world nobody can do as much good as you do!

See you soon…

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