Blue Watery Eyes! #5

He picked out the peacock earing and looked at it in a feeling of amazement. Suddenly, all the events, from meeting Aurora to her leaving him in the starry night, revolved in his mind and brought a smile to his face.

He put the earring under his pillow and slept, or maybe tried to sleep because he didn’t know that now it was going to be very difficult to sleep without her coming in his dreams.

Ash woke up early that day, maybe because he didn’t actually sleep the whole night. The stars were still glittering in the dark sky. He carefully picked out that beautiful thing, kept under his pillow. He grabbed it in his hand and rolled it over in his pocket. Without making any noise, he went to the kitchen and prepared the breakfast.

After sometime, he scribbled something on a paper.

I know that by now, you would’ve woken up by the smell of the breakfast. Eat it soon. I’m going out to collect water. Don’t wait for me, I’ve already ate my breakfast. See you soon Buddy!

Ash pasted the paper on his fist and went out with a wooden bucket in his hand. Soon, he reached the bank of the Sanctus Lake and filled the bucket to the brim. By now, the sun outshined the stars. Ash knew where his next destination was.

He carefully crossed the wooden bridge, not letting a drop of water to fall out. He crossed the bridge and didn’t find any problem in finding his way. That beautiful small hut was visible even in the Umbrane Forest.

Ash followed the small path that reached to Aurora’s house. He didn’t notice that his bucket was now half-full. He walked over the steps and knocked on the door, three times. He eagerly waited for response. But nobody replied. He knocked again, but again silence replied to him.

Ash thought if she was in her garden. He went to the backside of the house and something looked strange, very strange. All the flowers in her garden were droopy and some were even dried up. He thought for a moment and watered the garden with the water left in his bucket.

“Hi, Ash” Ash heard her soothing voice and turned back to find Aurora standing in front of him.

“Hi Aurora… such a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Ash worried what she would think of him roaming in her garden, without permission.

“Yes, it is. Looks like my friends are enjoying this sunny day.” She said glancing over her garden.

Enjoying? Ash turned back and found the garden, in a condition that he couldn’t believe upon. Just few seconds ago, the flowers that were dried up and droopy, were now looking cheerful. He gazed at them in amazement. “But how?” He heard himself say.

“It is so sweet of you Ash that you watered them.” Aurora said and smiled.



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Haven’t read the previous parts yet? Where were you, friend? You may read them now:

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So, here I am with another post from Blue Watery Eyes! I am sorry for being so late about it. I am really glad that even this story doesn’t have too much audience but whatever audience it have is wonderful! Thank you to all the people who are reading it from the start and came again here to find out what happened in this episode. I am really glad you take your valuable time to read what I write.

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62 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes! #5

    1. Thank you so much Di!
      You know there are few people who I know that the moment when they like my post, the next moment they will writing in the comments section. And you’re one of them. And I am so glad to have readers like you.

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      1. You’re so welcome dear!! I so love your stories and inspirational posts. Did you check out my new post “The Mystery Blogger Award”. I’ve nominated you that and I’ve mentioned the link of your post ‘you can do that ‘ as the best read 😊😊😊

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      2. Thank you so much Di!!!
        I am really glad you nominated me but I think I can’t do it because of some reason, let it be time constraints or other nomination… I am really sorry, please don’t assume me as rude.
        But still, I have a little surprise for you, wait till tomorrow…

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      3. U No problem dear brother!! It’s not at all compulsory to participate and you’re nowhere close to being rude so please don’t be sorry. 😊😊😊
        And I am so restless now that you’ve said you’ve a surprise for me, I am so bad at waiting 😔. Can’t you show it to me now please 😰

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      4. Oh god, thank you so much for understanding me… otherwise I feared It would come our rude… 😊
        Patience Di, every good thing is worth waiting.
        Btw, it isn’t a big surprise but I will mention you in my tomorrow’s episode…
        😊😋 *Surprise spoiled* 😂😂

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  1. oh my gosh!! I’m in love with this story! She is enchanting I don’t blame him for losing sleep over her! How wonderful you are Harsh at story telling. I was so excited just now to see part 5 posted! even though you might not celebrate it just the same Happiee Halloween! I know you love it! 🎃 👻 🕷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much maureen for such a lovely comment. I am really glad you like it!
      Happy Halloween!!! I just love the concept of this festival, but bad luck, we dont celebrate it here… I would go in a costume of ghost and ask for treat, what if my neighbours assume me as a real ghost and beat me up, hahahahaha

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      1. Oh Im sure there are a lot of grouchy people that don’t like the idea of kids cutting across their lawns to get to the door and they are just bothered by the whole idea of having to keep answering the bell and passing out candy but it is known that if you do not wish to pass out candy or if you do not wish to celebrate the night these people can leave their outside lights off and then no kids will come to the door. But for the most there are neighborhoods that decoration their yards completely and groups of kids and parents all walk around and visit one another its really something special I think. How was your weekend and your festivals? Excellent I hope! 🙂 The most fun of Halloween for me as a child was getting back home with my twin brother and we would dump our pillowcases of candy out onto the floor and trade pieces that were our favorites back and forth…good times!

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      2. Oh wow! Now I really think I am missing something very special. No problem, in future, I hope me and my friends celebrate it, you know soemone has to do a start of this very awesome festival!
        Pillowcases filled candies, that’s so awesome! So you go now for trick or treat, or keep candies and wait for ghosts (dressed kids) to come to you?

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      3. My daughter is grown so she is off on her own and I do not go around with nieces and nephews anymore to trick or treat and sad to say the home I live in now is on a busy road with no sidewalk so the trick or treaters go down the side roads past this busy road to go door to door but that is okay I had many years of passing out candy is still fun to hear the kids voices in the neighborhood….and yes we would go and go and go when I was a kid to see how full we could get the pillow cases! haha! My favorite thing to dress up as on halloween was a gypsy Harsh then I grew up to move around so much in my adult life that maybe my family should have seen the signs haha! its all I ever wanted to dress as each year!

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  2. How cute he kept her earing under his pillow💕, and waiting her to come in his dreams👀 but seems she👩 didn’t arrive, haha. But how those Flowers 💭 bloom up at the arrival of Aurora. Waiting for the next episode 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How could she come in his dreams if he didn’t actually slept the whole night, haha…
      I am really glad you liked this part. I would likr you to just wait for sometime, another great episode will be out very soon…
      Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, there is a very simple and sweet story behind this title. You see the ending of the last sentence of the first epsiode. No, you need not go there, it’s “Blue watery Eyes”
      I don’t know how I came up with this tile, but it was perfect for my story!
      I am really glad you liked it Di. It’s so sweet of you that you take time to read it and comment here. You really bring a smile on my face.
      And thank god, I’ve found a solutoion to that award problem… haha, I think you know because you liked that comment…

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  3. I’m thinking the garden is a metaphor for Aurora. Very clever.
    One suggestion and it’s purely cosmetic. The light gray text can be hard to read in the brightest of pink places on your background image. Have you played around with the text color? Maybe try white?
    Loving this story. I’m impressed with how much polished writing you’ve accomplished in such a short time.

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  4. Currently reading the whole series of Blue Watery Eyes..
    Reading about aurora’s character made me feel that these lyrics suit her:
    Aane se uske aaye baahar, jaane se uske jaaye bahar..
    Jokes apart, m guessing aurora is some magical creature of garden and plants!😁

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