Blue Watery Eyes #11

“Very Very Welcome to Gargabell, Explore the things, that we sell, Buy the food that is chosen well, Feel the freshness as you smell, Anything else that I need to tell?” They both sang together to make the song louder in the market’s crowd rush, but with time, their voice began to get slower and … More Blue Watery Eyes #11

Blue Watery Eyes! #10

“Hello Ma’am, but it’s afternoon.” Jason said with a frown. “Afternoon for me, Morning for you…” and she started her witch’s laughing. “Just ignore her.” Ash whispered in Jason’s ear and finally they reached their destination. Just in front, two stalls after Miss Malise’s Meat Shop, was “Gargabell’s Grocery Store” They both took a breath … More Blue Watery Eyes! #10

Blue Watery Eyes! #9

He picked out two together. And after eating the one, “They are.. so delicious. How do you make them so delicious?” “She says it’s a secret” Ash replied. “Did my ears hear ‘she’ just now?” Jason gave him a suspicious look. “Oh, there’s so much work left to do right now” Ash said rolling his … More Blue Watery Eyes! #9

Hello!!! 😊

Hi, I am a Panda and my name is Harsh Jain and I am a 15 years old boy (you need to keep telling this when you don’t put your name and image on your profile) 😊 So, let me say something: something… hahahahaha (ok don’t kill me please) How are you all? Awesome right? … More Hello!!! 😊

I Hate Love!

Have you ever been in Love? Horrible, isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can … More I Hate Love!

The Fairy Tale!

Eric grew up believing in miracles. In fairies, wizards, angels and ninjas. For him, superheroes existed in real somewhere, and he knew one day he would meet them all. He lived in his own world, where all the bad guys are whacked by the good ones,where problems are solved with superpowers,where superheroes are worshipped and … More The Fairy Tale!

Blue Watery Eyes! #7

“What was that?” Ash asked, completely astonished. “Broomsticks and Apples float in your house?” “No, His name is Alvin. He is a little bit shy at the start, you see?” “What do you mean by ‘his name’? Who is he?” Ash was completely confused now. “He is an Amicus…” Aurora smiled and said something that … More Blue Watery Eyes! #7