Friendship is above Love!

​They met each other at their favourite spot, after Ritvik called Aisha to ask for some advice. 

“Are you stupid? Raat ke 1:00 Baje kon bulata h?” Aisha scolded him grabbing the collar of his jacket.

“Yaar, Can’t you see I am crying? Dek aankhe sooj sooj kar Rasgulla ho gayi Hain” Ritvik said.

“Then eat them, mujhe kyu bulaya?” Aisha asked, muffling the shawl around her neck.

“Yar tu hi meri Aakhri umeed hai, Tu hi mere jeena ke sahara, tadap tadap kar mar raha hu m, or tu mujh par gussa kar rahi h?” Ritvik said dramatically.

“Ho gaya? Ab jau m?” Aisha said emotionlessly.

“Are yaar, come sit. Tujhe nhi pata kis waqt se guzar raha hu m. Meri zindagi ki train kabki platform se nikal kar, mujhe tata bye bye bolkar chali gyi, kuch to kar yaar.” Ritvik said and they both sat on the park bench together.

“Hua kya, jo tu ladkiyo ke jaise ye namakeen paani baha raha hai?” Aisha asked him.

“Yaar, Breakup!” Ritivk said and covered his head in his arms.

“Yuhoo, chal nikaal meri silk, bola tha na ek hafte me chali jayegi, I won the bet!” Aisha jumped up from the bench.

“Yaar, Mil jayegi silk par mere dil me jo dard ho raha h uska kya?” Ritvik said emotionally.

“Chal meri nazuk kali, koi dard vard nhi ho raha tujhe.” Aisha said pulling his cheek.

“Tujhe kaise pata ki mujhe dard nhi ho raha? Chot maine khaayi hai na ki tune” Ritvik said.

“Yaar dard to tab hota na jab tu usse pyaar karta. Or vaise bhi, vo teri type ki thi hi nahi.” Aisha said.

“What do you mean meri type ki? Tu kyu nahi ban jaati meri girlfriend?” Ritvik asked her the question he had asked a thousand times.

“Haaye, mujh jaisi innocent si ladki ne tera kya bigada hai jo tu mujhe apni girlfriend banana chahta h? maaf kariye janaab, ham apni tanhai me hi khush h.” Aisha said theatrically.

“To mujhe apni tanhaai ka hissa bana lo janemann, zindagi bitana chahta hu tumhare saath.” Ritvik hoined her in the performance.

“Ishhhhh, kya bakwaas line maari yaar.” Aisha said.

“Yaar, tu meri girlfriend kyu nhi ban skti?” Ritvik asked.

“Because you’re my Bestest Friend!” Aisha said.

“To apna lover bana le mujhe, problem kya h?” Ritvik said.

“Yaar tu pagal h, Mere liye Dosti pyaar se itniii badkar h, nahi itniiiiiiiii badkar h. Ab tu bata, mera dost banna chahta h ya sirf majnu bankar zindagi bitani h?” She said.

“Tu galat h Yaar.” Ritvik said.

“Galat is always right, my dear. Chal ab, 1 baje mujhe bhook lagne lagti h, ice cream khaate h meri jaanemann, chale?” She said and dragged him to the ice cream parlour.

P.S.- Inspired by Ae Dil Hai Mushkil!


Hello wonderful Bloggers and my dear Readers!

How are you? I hope, Awesome!!!

Today is so exciting, I don’t know why but it is.

So, here is this story that I wrote today. I hope you liked it! Sorry to my foreign readers, par kya kru? I think I won’t do justice to this post if I translate the dialogues… 

I would love to know your views upon it!

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192 thoughts on “Friendship is above Love!

  1. Dekhlee ADHM?😯 by the way if actually best friends love each other and come in a relationship, that would be the best love affair 😍. Afterall, who would want to hurt their best friend?
    But when only one of them falls in love, life ki lag jaati hai. Donno ki.

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      1. Society pressure? When am told k log kya kahenge I simply ask k jab mai problem me hongi toh kaunse *log* meri madat karenge? *sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log* Guts? For what? Love gives all strength. And even though due to some unavoidable conditions you gotta separate, love always prevails. With a hope that if not now then some day. This implies only when both love each other and the reason of separation is not *feelings khatam ho gayi yaar*
        Am not experienced but can just say whatever I think.

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      2. Your thinking is very good and it’s commendable.
        Some of my recent posts does clearly tell what I went through. You can read that to get an idea. It wasn’t that feelings ended. It wasn’t the case of maturity. It was just giving up before even trying.

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      3. No matter whatever your relation goes through, how big fights you have but break up should never be an option. When this is engraved in heart, nothing can separate your *souls*. And I do believe that if you love truly, a mere word like ‘breakup’ cannot separate you. Every relation has some misunderstandings. The key to a healthy relation is not to have any expectations from your partner. And even if you do, they should be realistic. Trust should be the foundation. Trust them with your life. I do believe that ‘pyar dosti hai’. You must become friends first, this way you get time to know each other and also know if it is genuine feelings or just attraction. If they are genuine, toh kahan bhaage jaa rahe hain? Pehle jaan le ek doosre ko fir relationship me aa jana.

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      4. Again true. Some people are not meant to be our partners for the rest of our life even we truly love them and are in a relationship with them.
        Now if giving up is right or wrong is debatable.

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      5. I like the way you put forward your point. Very nice communication skills!!
        And yes, some harsh circumstances might separate them but putting forward a fight I feel is never a bad option. What are your views?

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      6. Ok. So first there are some problems in your love life and maybe your partner was once your bestfriend. I really like your maturity how you didn’t let it spoil yourself and simulatneously expressing yourself and finding solutions in your head. I’d suggest before finding the solution you find the problem. I do get a picture that you don’t know the reason behind whatever happened. Maybe everything happened too fast. But you are not a devdas and still leading a happy life loving her. That’s the spirit!
        You are mature. Friendly. And puts forward your point respecting others’ opinions.
        How wrong was it? :p

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      7. 😂 In past 3 or 4 months, I went from being devdas to normal to devdas to normal. Cycle went on.. 😂
        She backed off saying her parents won’t agree. I tried my best to persuade her but wasn’t enough. So, we went our separate ways.

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      8. I just read it. Isliye puch rahe the tum…how about a love post from you. 😊
        Now, what do I say? Friendship is the best relation you can have with anyone. It is selfless. It is fun. It makes you confide and confess. It is beautiful.
        Love, is beautiful too. When both these emotions come together it is difficult to predict what might happen next. Best friends can be best lovers, but it is also possible that knowing too much about each other would lead to a certain insecurity. It all depends on individuals and their relations.
        Haha..mera best friend mujhe ab bhi bolta hai…chal affair karte hain…and I always laugh and give him a super gaali. 😂😂😂

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      1. I don’t know if I should say it when she’s not her… you know, then it will be called “Peeth peeche bolna” but appreciation Peeth peeche ho to accha h, right?
        I really like her persuasive skills, you know she put across her posts in such a way that she have the whole experience of that concerned topic but then at the end of her comment she just states very cutely, am not experienced, haha. I like that!!!

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      2. Then it’s really her writing skills that are very good, that makes the reader believe in her words and that’s a very good thing. Every writer just wants to make the reader believe in their words.
        We aren’t back biting. Peeth peeche bolna is back biting. We are discussing good about her. So it’s absolutely fine although her views may differ.
        You know I feel its a really good platform because we don’t know each other personally. We are trying to form an image through the words a person write and it just pushes the brain to think a lot. This develops our way of understanding the world. It’s a great experience.
        Let me tell you, what impression I have of you.
        You are a very sweet talker. You know how to use words perfectly at a particular time. Regarding you writing pieces, you have a very vivid imagination that intrudes into the magical world and you can bring that magical world alive just by words. 😁
        Now what image do I have in your mind? 😉

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      3. Wow, thank you so much!!! 😊😊
        Now it’s a very tough question because I’m asked to judge a person here without talking with him face to face, but I will guess, so no offence…. 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, mujhe nhi pata ki Prachi di outside Kaiser react krti hongi, coz in today’s world, log agar khte kuch or h or krte kuch or h… or m bhi aisa hi hu, no perfections. But I say what I practice. But aisi bhi bohot bate Jo abhi tak Maine ya to kisi ko btati nhi ya fir btane ki zaroorat hi nhi padi… haha

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      5. 😂 Yeah… Yeah… I know people don’t always do what they say.
        But I must say I do what I say. I keep my words always. 😉
        Ab tu ek aur dialogue na maar dena ispe… Mujhe pata hai tujhe yaad zaroor aayega koi na koi 😂😂

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      6. So Harsh, pehle toh bahut sweet ho. Now, I think you do put your point forward in a very calm way! Interacted with you before. Seems you’re confused about your future. I know you like Ranbir and Deepika :p. Maybe had an exprience of love before? Also, you’re not short tempered. A very good human being 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. hahahaha, sab ek baar ko side me rakh dete h, yaar aap ko kaise pata mere baare me itna?
        Or seriously, Anyone who likes Ranbeer and Deepika both means they had an experience of love before hahahahjahahaha, kamaal h yaar! I doubt if you read people’s mind, hahahahahahaha
        Accha last time khulasa nahi kara tha to is baar kar do… tell her name, if she really exists…

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Psychiatrist jo banna hai :B :p aise hi thodi bann jaungi. Observations toh hoti hain na. Ab kya vo mai explain nahi karr sakti. But majorly whatever first impression I have of people, vo sahi hota hai. Bas its just unexplainable.

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      9. Yaar, chalo theek h, nahi batana to vo hi sahi. I won’t force you! hahaha
        But last question, how did you get that clue? I mean, sach kahu to aisa kuch bhi nahi h, I have 0% experience of all these things, but I really want to know ki aisa kya first impression tha that made you think that way…

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      10. Or free me bhi? wow!
        But i’m not on facebook, vahan both waste ho jata h “time” bhi or “dimaag” bhi.. haha.
        kuch advice chahiye hogi to pakka, will ask you. by the way, insta ki vo follow request kabse pending h di… ab to accept kar lo… haha
        uski dp par hi itni charcha ho gayi…

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      11. haa vo hi to, post friendship par tha, or ban gaya “dono ki lag jaati hi” i mean , ye kab hua kaise hua kyu hua? but jo bhi hua, accha hua. we got to know each other more!
        You know, new found friendships, as you say it! 🙂

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      12. Because yahan par koi bura nahi maanta, or maante bhi vo h jo matter nahi karte.
        In my insta bio I wrote this quote- “say what you feel, do what you like because those who mind deosn’t matter and those who matter doesn’t mind!”
        isnt it effective?

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      13. I think you’re really blod in putting across your point, which is really good, especially when you said you’re an introvert outside.
        Coming to what you write, You are really nice as a person. I mean our personality shines in what we write, so you raelly are a nice person and I’ve talked with you beofre and You seemed like a very good eprson, ready to interact, make friends, And I am glad there are introverts who try to make new friends, like me. hahaha
        You are fearless, bande ko farak padta h to pade, varna jaaye kue(well) me hahaha matlab apna point to rakh diya na, apni taraf se use pura convince kar diya! *mission accomplished* *left an impression of a bold but sweet girl*
        Anything else? I need to add?

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      14. Well, I believe in ‘don’t increase your voice but improve your argument’. I don’t believe in argument though. It should be a healthy discussion. I respect everybody’s point of view. And I believe that either I convince the other person or he convinces me. Aisa nahi hai k mai hi sahi hun kisi aur ki baat samajhni hi nahi but I do think on a topic from all angles and speak only when I myself am convinced.

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      15. That’s great! You know, I canm’t blame myself for not including it because we just net, or agar maine aapse face to face baat nhi akri then your personality may completely differe by what we assume.
        ab aap puneet bhaiya ka hi example le lo, (no backbiting, hahaha) We thought taht he is ‘pyaar me chot khaya hua aashiq type Devdas’ but he contradicted our assumption when we talked to him personally. It’s great to know more about you. I appreciate you value everyone’s point.
        I hope you didn’t get offended.
        Now your turn?

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      16. Ofcourse not! Healthy discussion 😉
        And a person has so many traits- positive and negative. You simply cannot recognise all, or even a few in just little interactions that we have. 🙂


      17. Meri taraf se: Disclaimer- yeh dharavahik kisi bhi prakar se kisi ki feelings or unko sentiments ko thes nahi pahunchana chahta…
        Ab dekhiye age!
        So coming to talk about what I’ve made out of your personality so far.

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      18. Judging is alright! What depends is how the other person take it. I just tend to ignore negative ones (positive criticism- that leads to becoming better in any way not included. I don’t take it as a negative thing). I take this as positive 🙂 thank you 😉

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      19. But ye dialogue to maine aapko bola hi nahi tha, vo to puneet bhaiya k demand thi… Vo alag baat h ki apne kisi or ka reply is comment par kar diya, so I thought..
        that’s alright, misconception!!!

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      20. Bhaiya, the first time I met you on the WordPress, I looked one of your heartbroken posts, obviously… haha
        And as you said, we try to make out that person’s personality by what he writes, thats why I thought you to be a majnu or ranjha types and I like them but after the Convo with you and sudershana, when we tagged you as devdas, you clearly mentioned that we assumed you incorrect. So it’s a bit tricky.
        I think you are a very logical type person, handles situations with care. Jo apna point to rakh deta h, bhalu hi dusra kuch bhi soche farak nhi padta, but respect their opinions too and that’s what I love about someone. Coz bohot kam log “sunte” h Bolte jyada h… 😂😂
        I mean, there are two types of people, as said by Varsha Di, ek vo Jo bolne ke liye Bolte h, or ek vo who does not only talks, but does effective talking. You too belong to the second category…
        😊😊😊 Or bhi bohot kuch, kisi ke baare ke to m essay likh skta hu… you know writer’s habit, but let’s end it here… 😊
        Don’t get offended, though there’s nothing to get offended by… haha

        Liked by 1 person

      21. 😂 😂 Na na… There was nothing to get offended. Even though you’re so young, you have accurately described me. Wah yr. 😀👍🏼
        You really can sketch down a person’s nature just by having a convo and reading what they write. I love it.
        Yeah,i try to listen others but I stand by my opinions and nothing can change them. You can call me stubborn in a good way because I try not to hurt others feeling by showing my stubbornness. Some call me manipulative.. Haha.. And I don’t know its right or not.

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  2. Mujhe bhi views chahiye!😂 and real life me am a total introvert. Shy by nature. And am working on that. Improving bit by bit. Not the introvert nature but in shyness. I know its so important to connect with people in real life. And so I took this platform 😉 it really helps you see? Am really improving. Ab mujhe bhi genuine views chahiye😂

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  3. Well well well…..
    This is so touching bro….
    Do you have any friend like Aisha….
    I never had any…
    Had a lot of girlfriends but none a friend….
    I feel bad sometimes for a jerk I have been

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      1. My brother fell in love with his bestfriend. She left her saying this only ‘mai apne bestfriend ko khona nahi chahti’. Believe me it hurts- alot. So much so that vo movie beechme chorhke aa gaya tha. He had a flashback and then he came to me and said ‘interval se pehle toh poori meri zindagi hai yaar. Kya karegi dekhke? Meri zindagi ka sab pata toh hai tujhe’.

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      2. I am feeling so bas for your brother, I don’t know why. Coz I know it feels really bad when someone just don’t love you back the way you want, and then the whole friendship is like, sab kharab ho jata h. you can never be the same again then and you don’t talk with each other the same way and then everything’s like finished. I hope he’s fine now! 🙂

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      1. KKHH was clear enough yaar. It is one of my all time favourite movies. No, I didn’t know that. Anyway if it is about friendship and heartbreak I will need to keep a box of tissues with me.

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  4. I loved it. Little movielover 💕, you made me remember of my friend Ritwik, and the dialogue are also so real. Friendship is truly above love, it’s the best relationship we have but this when this four letter word LOVE come between is enough to ruin this. This is my perspective. So I would love to read the content like this. Well written Harsh 😃

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