Blue Watery Eyes #11

“Very Very Welcome to Gargabell,

Explore the things, that we sell,

Buy the food that is chosen well,

Feel the freshness as you smell,

Anything else that I need to tell?”

They both sang together to make the song louder in the market’s crowd rush, but with time, their voice began to get slower and slower until a shaky reminder came from the window. “I want Publicity, Now!”

They both were totally wet from inside, the heavy costume made it even harder to stand properly.

“Even Dean and Luke take break, why can’t we?” Jason put off the teddy bear’s head and questioned Uncle Gargabell.

“Because you both have broken the record of coming late, so you must be awarded along with the prize. Now, without any more question, I think you should wear that on and sing the song, otherwise you may leave, ‘forever’.” Uncle Garagbell commanded.

Ash knew that Jason would do something that will lose them their job and finding a job again looked like a very tough task, so he cooled down Jason and once again they both were standing out, singing the song. Though this time, Jason sang something else.

“Very Very Welcome to Garbagebell,

A place which is worse than hell,

Hope Garbagebell fall in well,

Don’t go near him, very bad smell,

Anything else that I need to tell?”

They laughed watching each other through the mouth of the teddy bear. But few moments of laughter couldn’t cool down the inside temperature. Ash was boiling from inside. He struggled to glance at the sky and found that the sun was now nearly setting but still the heat of the costume did its work.

Ash could feel his whole body sweating; he ran his eye over the crowd in the market which had lessened now. He scanned the area and suddenly his eyes spotted someone, an old man, assuming by his long silver beard and the thick stick as long as him. He had his face almost covered in the hood of the Dark cloak. Ash looked at him carefully wondering how unique his outfit was. The old man was now looking at him, as the old man turned directly towards him.

Suddenly Ash felt a cool sensation running through his body from tip to toe. It was as if he was standing in winter’s night.  He turned to Jason who was also looking at him, “The temperature dropped suddenly, don’t you think?” Ash questioned Jason.

“Yeah, feels like I am no longer wearing this” Jason said in amazement.

Ash turned to find the old man, but he was gone. The old man who was standing there just few seconds ago, disappeared? Ash was puzzled.

Suddenly, Uncle Gargabell came out of the shop with a stern face.

“Both you may eat something now; I don’t want to spend over medications when you faint.” Uncle Gargabell said lowly.

“Thank you so much for your fake concern Sir,” Jason said gritting his teeth but one again Ash came in between and cooled down Jason.


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73 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes #11

      1. 😊😊Sure, I can mail whenever I like, I know that… it’s like I really struggle to find time to connect with my readers…
        But no problem… 😊
        Have a great day Bhaiya… enjoy your Maggie!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful as always Harsh, but a few mistakes like : “The old man was now looking at him, as the old man turned directly towards him.” In one sentence it k if you do not repeat the old man again, can simply write “The old man was now looking at him and he turned directly towards Ash.” Another one : “Both you may eat something now; I don’t want to spend over medications when you faint.” He said lowly. Because you have already mentioned his name in the previous sentence so then no need of repeating again to make it look more nice. Congratulations dear and will definitely look up the site and see how you have done. Too good as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, will correct it in the main script!
      I am really glad you liked it… and yes do check otu the link and you too participate, it’s fun and easy!
      how’s your day going Di?


      1. Mine day was not at all good, but awesome as always… haha Will surely check it out… 🙂
        Are you missing Aurora in the story or you feel the story is being dragged, just to know your view?


      2. No I don’t think so but now go forward and describe another scene, where they are going and then what will they do next. Overall nice it is Harsh but do not repeat names if you have done them in the previous sentence. You know dear I too wrote a lovely story on A wandering Nomad and named him Zuma but am feeling a little lost in it so have kept in abeyance. I somehow made my daughter read few of my stuff and she is very good at English so she told me do not repeat names cause the gist gets lost.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am missing Aurora yes but you have made this story so much more! And still remains one of my very favorite things to read! Your funny song made me actually laugh out loud! haha!! Forgive it took me sometime today to get back here to read…I just knew knew knew I would love it!! You are in a competition? Will you post what you write for it? I hope I hope! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, tbh, I posted blue Watery Eyes only upto 7th episode… it was like ‘you can post anything that could engage readers ‘ go check out the link so that your view can earn me points…. thank you so much for this beautiful comment!
      I am really glad you liked it…😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Can I say something? Of course I can, but I may not. May I say something?
        You always give me positive feedback and I’ve realized that all my readers give me positive feedback fearing that they’ll offend me… it’s not at all like this!
        I welcome negative feedback, constructive criticism with all my heart.
        So whenever you feel my story is going off track, being my reader, you have the right say anything, good or bad, I will welcome it…
        Your feedback helps me to write better, you know that… 😊😊
        I can’t thank enough to all my readers for their support…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have this thing my young friend where when I feel something it just spills out of me that minute. So anything I say here is just an immediate feeling there is really not much thought only feelings especially when I am excited about something hahaha! I am not able nor would I want to be to hold back! I have not one single thing of constructive criticism to say to you as it is I find you to be this absolute boy wonder and your writing to me could not get any better! Honest to goodness! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah! I missed Aurora, a little bit, only a little, haha. As Ash is doing a fantastic job so I am focusing more on him, haha. But exactly who is that old man with a cloak? And I truly truly loved that song. Overall leaving few grammatical mistakes behind, which Kamal has already pointed out, loved it. You know what , you are my one of the favorite blogger, writer little movielover 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So you missed her, but so so so little… haha
      Ohh yes the old man is mysterious!!! Very very mysterious… haha it’s like backbone of the history of their life…
      I am glad you liked the song! Btw, which one? Gargabell one or garbagebell one? Haha
      You are my one of the bestest bloggers I’ve found here…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great work! Definitely miss Aurora. I have a feeling that old man could be related to her or maybe it was her in old man’s disguise helping the boy to cool down. Every episode triples my interest in this story!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was wondering Jason and Ash ,wat r they up to?I assumed tat they r students now its clear and I always felt bad for those people in these cute costumes and u have highlightened thr misery too ,good job,i enjoy reading this,v nice one and loved that 2nd song too 🙂


    1. Hello!
      I am so glad you liked it. No they aren’t students, they couldn’t afford the education, provided only in the city. They don’t have any school in their town.
      I am super glad you liked it!
      😊 Thank you very much!


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