Happy New Year!!!

Hello, My name is Harsh Jain, a 15 years old BOY. And I am a Panda! (I wrote this because I didn’t know how to start this post.) First of all, A very Happy New Year to all of you!!! Even those who are not reading it right now, I wish them from the core … More Happy New Year!!!

Blue Watery Eyes! #19

“Whatever happens, I will not be able to forget this night, forever.” Ash laughed, standing on the doorsteps of Aurora’s house. “And yes, one last thing, Thanks to Alvin, wherever he is. Goodnight Aurora,” “Goodnight Ash, I hope we meet again, soon.” “Very soon,” He wished. Ash left waving his hand. Soon, he reached the … More Blue Watery Eyes! #19

Blue Watery Eyes! #16

Ash looked around himself and found nothing except huge trees. “I have never been here before.” He found himself saying. “So have I, we must get back,” Aurora said. But before, they could turn around, a voice froze their steps. Ash looked at Aurora, with a question in his eyes “Did you hear that, too?” … More Blue Watery Eyes! #16

Blue Watery Eyes! #15

“How is Jason?” Aurora asked offering the cookies. “Why don’t you bring him here?” “He’s good, he was just tired after we cleaned the house together, that’s why he didn’t come.” Ash lied. “Has anyone told you before that your nose gets red whenever you lie?” Aurora said sarcastically. Ash bit his lip, and his … More Blue Watery Eyes! #15