35 Things You Don’t See When You Buy A Book #AmWriting #Writer #Author



The idea for this post came to me after I did some research on the ‘overnight literary success myth.’  I have always been intrigued by the term and the notion that success JUST happens to authors. Surely there is more to overnight literary fame than meets the eye?  Once you type this myth into Google you can expect to see an array of interesting articles and blog posts on the subject.

This research into the myth of authors being hailed as ‘overnight literary successes’ led me onto the iceberg” cliché, which I found in a fab article. It was an article from the Huffington Post:

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14 thoughts on “35 Things You Don’t See When You Buy A Book #AmWriting #Writer #Author

  1. Great post Harsh and yes I too agree with you cause I too have a friend who is a write and who has penned a lot of books. There is a lot going on today for writers, one cannot become a good writer just like that. There are lot of preliminary things need to be done too. Ya but u know what we just pick up the book which we like to read too.

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  2. Awesome! a very good post for a person like me who is almost addicted to reading and sorry bhai i m not so regular these days due to my new schedule and resolutions things have become harder although i read when i get time! hope u having a good time this new year!

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    1. No problem Shivee, you know what! Even I am so inactive here just because I need to prepare for my exams, tough times are ahead, gotta prepare well!
      I hope your studies are going well. 😊
      Don’t be guilty, we all go through this, juggling with studies, but just remember, you can resume whenever you like so don’t quit! 😊😊

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      1. That is so true!
        That’s why I will ensure that I do my bestest! 😊😊
        You have to do great, not only well… haha
        Ni problem, don’t take too much stress, once the exam time get past, it will be a happy moment for you! 😊😊

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