Blue Watery Eyes! #27

“If we can’t find a job, then the job will have to find us. We just need to tell the job that we’re available!” Jason shouted in excitement.
Ash could not understand what he was talking about. He scratched his hand for he knew that Jason has got an idea, but there was no guarantee if that idea will work.

The doubt in Ash’s mind didn’t last for long. As later you could find both of them standing in the narrow and crowded street of Amania Market. But this time they did not have any bag to put on their shoulders. Instead one could watch Jason holding a board, shouting “Hello, May I have your attention, please?” And this is what was written on that board, in a sloppy handwriting, of course:

“Two hardworking boys are available for hiring!”

The plan was simple enough; whoever will stop to read the board, Ash will hand over one pamphlet (the contract, as Jason, would call it) from the bundle they had prepared, to that person. Just for your kindest information, this is what was written on the pamphlet:

I, Jason and my friend Ash, are in need of a job. We are hardworking, regular and also punctual. We promise that we will work with real honesty towards our job, but only and only under the conditions given below:
1. We want one and a half day of holidays in a week.
2. We want (good) salary before the first 15 days of the month.
3. We want the bonus, two days before any festival.
4. We will work only when we will get respect as workers.
We solemnly swear that we will do the job after each and every condition is accepted.
Hire us soon, before anyone else does!

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work. By now Jason’s voice went so low that even Ash could not hear it. No one ever stopped to read what was written on the board, the reason being the handwriting that could only be understood by Jason himself. Water was spilled on the first part of the plan, and same happened with the second part. Whenever Ash gave the pamphlet to someone walking in the crowd, they would read and do exactly what most of us do, they would throw it. This made him stop wasting the pamphlets that he and Jason made with so much of hard work, and from then he gave pamphlets only to those who asked for it, that is no one.
Finally, two persons stopped to read the board. Ash was so glad that he gave them four pamphlets in a hurry. “Thank you very much. I hope you consider both of us.”
Only if Ash could have seen who were they first, for they were none other than Dean and Luke. “Yes, we will consider you for sure.” Luke laughed. Ash took back the pamphlets, gritting his teeth in frustration.
“We were going to do that first, you stole our idea,” Dean said in amazement, trying to read the board.
“Yes, just a few hours back, I entered into your mind and stole your idea.” Jason nodded his head, but he did not laugh.
“Good sense of humor, but not better than us.” Luke elbowed Dean, and both winked at each other. “See, we also need jobs. You have two options, You can be with us, and we’ll stand together, or you can leave.”
“And we chose the third one. You can go now.” Jason said, exchanging the board with the other hand.
After a very lengthy discussion, option one was accepted as the solution of the problem. And that’s how what was written on the board earlier, changed a little bit.

“Four Two hardworking boys are available for hiring!”

Luke and Jason shared the board, while on the other hand, pamphlets were divided into half and were in the hands of Ash and Dean.


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43 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes! #27

  1. hahahaha…. this is awesome!!!! Now I think I should go out like that to get a job!!! Wow!! I so agree with the conditions he has displayed!!! It must be taken into consideration. The lovely part was he wrote “I and my friend Ash” but in my views if it’d be written as ” My friend, Ash and I, Jason” that would make a much more impact. It is a simple thing just to put their friend’s name before themselves but it makes a great impact on their friendship. And as much as I know about Jason’s and Ash’s friendship, I think putting Ash’s name first will make a difference. That’s solely my opinion and that’s what I feel. And you were absolutely right.. I loved it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. how you have kept my interest is incredible to me! this story to me has never not once faltered in the slightest! I am curious and surprised and love the small details that you never seem to run out of Harsh!! Your details are just excellent! The sloppy writing on the board, I mean you think of everything! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes definitely! By way I couldn’t get your name. Tell me only if you want to. As I always like to address by the name while commenting, you know it feels more homely and near to the heart.
        Have a nice day.
        Fond Regards,

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I think king will hire them at last and then they will get to know about the provincial work and the magical world on the other bank of the Sanctus lake. May be that’s how the story will moves on. But It makes me laugh first there were two in search of job and now two more have joined them, haha. Wonderful part cuteheart❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t read this chap or the few prev ones.. or any of the comments here hoping to not come across any spoilers! Just keeping you updated that I haven’t lost touch. Had some issues going on and I’ve gotten so busy the last few days! I’ll find the last chapter I stopped at and will read them all! Miss me chota ji!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahaha poor guys Harsh, they have to now hold placards asking for jobs and that too with their terms and conditions. Poor Jason, I pity him, his voice too has become hoarse with so much shouting. But I liked when Jason and Ash took the other two guys with them and changed the board. A great sign of kindness shown by Jason on them who were so rude and cruel. Great way of moving forward in your story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad that you liked the humour!! I am so happy to wake up in the morning and reading your comments!!!
      Thank you soooooooooo much!!! 😊😊😊😊
      May god bless you sis, and you have great todays!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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