Blue Watery Eyes! #33

Jason ran after the squirrels, as they kept on passing his hat to each other. They were climbing from one tree to another which made it difficult for Jason to keep a track of them. Soon, Jason understood that he there was no use of following them, their speed was too fast. “I give up, you win!” said Jason, half-heartedly, he didn’t like losing. He sat down on the cold ground and waited for the squirrels to come back. “Friends, I give up! come back!” Jason shouted, standing amidst the dark forest, alone.

Even though Jason had full faith in his friends, that they will certainly come back, a chilling sensation was running up his body when he found himself in the middle of the dark forest, all alone. The sun had already dived into the sea of the sky, leaving behind Jason with no clue about where he was, for he had never come so far.

“Friends, I’m scared. Please, come back!” shouted Jason at the top of his voice.

The entire forest fell dead silent. He could not even hear the wind that was gusting through the branches now and then. Suddenly, the branches of the trees whispered behind him. “What was that?” He turned around in an instant.

Jason’s heart was pounding like a caged bird that was struggling to come out. Suddenly, he heard something. Someone breathing heavily. The sound was clear, it was coming straight from the bushes. Jason took a deep breath and took a few steps towards the direction. Soon, the breaths became louder and clearer than ever before. He could hear someone chewing, someone gobbling very noisily.

Sweat dripped from Jason’s nose as he peeped through the bushes. But there was no owner of that voice. The noise also had stopped. Jason could have convinced him by taking that noise just as a gust of wind, but soon he saw something that caught the breath in his throat.

His eyes stuck at the spot on the ground. Drops of red blood damped the earth, that anyone could identify, even in the failing twilight. Jason wanted to scream, but no sound came out of his throat as if his throat was knotted. But this wasn’t all. Suddenly a drop of blood fell on the same spot from somewhere above. With wide eyes and a strong urge to look up, Jason gulped the fear and slowly and slowly raised his blurry vision.

As Jason dared to look up, his eyes met with the red gleaming eyes that were staring at him. Jason faltered. A beast, yes, he wasn’t any human. Its brown scarred skin matched with the branch he was hanging on. Drops of blood dripped from its canines, and the deadly horns, one of them being broken, were stained with blood red. Jason could have screamed, but he couldn’t. What would be the use of that? He was alone, and nobody would come to help him in the middle of the forest.

Very carefully, Jason stepped back without daring to make any noise. Jason couldn’t get off his eyes from the red-deadly stare, but he kept getting backward, and suddenly…

Unknowingly, a branch crunched under Jason’s feet. And that was enough to awaken the beast. It jumped high from the branch and landed his brawny feet that shook the earth. The blood running in Jason’s nerve turned cold and made his hair stand on the end. Jason turned around and ran as fast as he could. He couldn’t even dare to look back, The horrifying noise coming from behind him were echoing in the forest. Even though he was running in the forest without even knowing the way out, he kept running. Suddenly, a stone came in his way, and Jason stumbled. As he tripped over the stone and hit his face on the ground, he turned his neck. But the beast was not there. The voices had also fallen silent. Jason struggled to get up and looked around himself. He couldn’t see any traces of the beast. But still, Jason kept running and finally, he found his way out.

That must have been one of the worst days, Jason had ever faced in his life. He didn’t tell anyone about it, not even her mother. For whenever he tried to remember the incident, the memory of that scarred face and deadly stare would turn him ice-cold. And the same was happening when he stood on the old-looking bridge, grabbing the edge, on the way to Aurora’s house.


40 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes! #33

    1. Thank you so much!! I am super glad you liked it!
      So you finally know the reason why Jason doesn’t like that forest! But not shattering the hopes of my readers, they will definitely go to meet Aurora, because that’s where the story starts!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know what? I so want to tell you what happens next before even writing the episode!
        But I can’t spoil one of my favourite readers!!!!! I so want to share it with someone, but I just can’t! Haha
        I am crying and laughing at the same time!

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Great Harsh you tantalized me and I was also so scared what would happen to Jason now and the way you described the animal wow so vicious and ugly with blood oozing out from all over and the sweet way of the rabbits too. Superb Harsh keep it going. Love this part of the story too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My eyes are dying in sleepiness but I’m determined to read this episode before I fall asleep as I don’t want to be among the late readers!

    Love the imagery created and the words used to describe the nightfall and the silence of the forest!

    Squirrels being very bubbly creatures it’s amazing how u chose them to express his excitement and then brought out the sudden isolation with their unexpected disappearance.

    Heart beating like a caged bird, his throat knotted the munching gobbling..and the sudden drops of blood! Unbelievably amazing!

    I admire your courage to introduce supernatural monsters and yet maintain the flow of the story without harming the excitement..

    Episode beautifully summed up! Love it Harsh!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s so sweet of you!!! I am glad you decided to read it before you teleported into the dream world.
      I am so much glad that you liked it!!!!
      I am so happy you could picture the whole scene!! My aim is fulfilled!!
      Loved your comment, truly brought a wide smile on my face! 😊😊

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Omg! The whole scene was so amazingly narrated. You have very well built up the tension from the start, the entire forest fell dead silent. And it never dropped after that. I was like running along with Jason in the middle of the forest. Such a vivid description bro.👍

    Liked by 1 person

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