The Immortal Curse •°


The pale autumn light faded, the moon floated high above the pine trees, it’s yellow face partly obscured by dark clouds, the wind rustled the shrubs and rain which had been threatening all afternoon began to fall. Rain droplets pelted against the stoned frames of the blackened walls of the abandoned castle.
The winding staircase creaked its way up to the the lonely room on the highest tower, the moonlight that seeped through the weeping skies made a puddle of white light on the dusty damp floor. The ghostly room garlanded with cobwebs and a unique fragrance of blood, greeted him. His  footprints on the layers of dust created a replica of the mosaic floor of the Vatican museum.

The reason he chose to visit this tower every now and then was because he knew this is where she would be on a cold rainy day like today. His dark sunken eyes gazed out into the compulsive darkness through the arched  stony windows as the wind sprayed sprinkles of raindrops on to his pale face that was hidden in the shadows. An occasional soft flutter of wings reminded him that he was not alone.

From the darkness of the stone walls a shadow moved towards the window. It seemed harmless, just stretching out of blackness merging into his shadow conjoining and becoming one with it. Thunder rumbled and a streak of lightning shattered the sky, like broken glass, but the neon blue soon faded away into still blackness.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”
He whispered.. pausing to smile as he felt a cold sense flush down him. He closed his eyes, hoping to see her: the hollow remnant, the aimless soul left to wander the earth through the infinite laps of time.
She stood silently beside him, gently placing her head upon his shoulder. Her lifeless soul longed to tell him she was there, to tell she was with him at all times, yet she couldn’t. For what was left of her mortal time, now stared at him through the hollow eyes of the skull adorning his desk, a grim reminder of her tragic demise.

Her sigh: a draft of wind streaking through his hair. If only he could die, and didn’t have to suffer the curse of immortality, perhaps he would see her again. He blew out the candle and moved away from the window fading into the darkness.

“Even through death, I will always love you” his words echoed within the lonely walls.

© chaosxd 2017 •


Now, I suppose you liked this post, because I loved it!

This amazing post is written by my sweet friend, the royal heir of the kingdom of Darkness, Miss Dark Ji (Chaos-xd)

I won’t request you to praise her blog, nor I will ask you to follow her. But I just ask you to check out her blog, and rest, leave it to her. It’s some sort of enchanting spell that she uses in what she write, it just make you fall in love with it. It makes you fall in love with the thing you fear the most, darkness.

Here is what her about page says:

I write,

From the abyss of darkness!

pieces of my inner soul,

carefully put into words,

screaming to be unleashed by my bloodied ink,

bringing forth the pain held deep,

With words stolen from yesterday’s storm,

And memories I keep,

I write the morels that feed my soul,

To place at bay the anguish soul,

The musings untold.”

Loved it? Then buckle up, because picture to abhi baaki hai mere dost!

(I hope you liked this little surprise Miss Dark Ji)



75 thoughts on “The Immortal Curse •°

      1. I came on WordPress consumed of oceans of poisoned darkness.. over the weeks.. you guys have changed all that hurt into something I persue with great value Harsh, DeeDee, Vass.. you folks are
        abso-freaking-lutely uh-mayy-zing! ❤❤

        Liked by 5 people

      1. Yaar zyada टेंशन na le. Exam तो NCERT से बाहर nhi aega. Examples acche se kar lio maths ke. Science vali book main chapters के end vale questions ढंग से कर lio. बाकी sst तो ratta hai, english की practice shayad karni pade. बाकी bhai tu intelligent है and I know tu mast dega exam. All the best bhai. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much Bhai!!!
        Even my teacher said ki next year pura course or pattern badlega, that’s why most of the questions will come from ncert and it’s examples, but still. Koi ni, jaise sa1 me kiya tha, I’ll rock it again, haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. aag laga dunga Bhaiya!
        I’ll set fire to the exam paper, not literally! lol
        And thanks a lot for believing in me. Accha Bhaiya, if you’re free, just headover to my party-time post, and we’ll talk there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. What?!
    Oh my holy god! 😲
    Having this post in your blog;
    This very piece of writing I wrote only because of your encouragement;
    A post completely dedicated to me.. on YOUR BLOG!!! is the most honourable and the most amazing thing thats ever happened to me in like forever yo!!

    All the darkness inflicted in my writings, is honestly from within and I usually never get “over the brim” kinda excited over anything.. a part of me is always numb to the world but today is honestly a day my frozen heart melted absolutely wholeheartedly!

    This is one day of unexplainable happiness, carved deep within me that will last for an eternity and beyond! ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I kept on laughing while reading this comment!!!
      I never knew this limit of your happiness, just because of my posting your post as my post (does that make sense? Yes, it does)
      I am so glad that I could illuminate your world just by this! You’re really sweet!
      And I’m so sorry for replying so late, I just disappeared because of studies… 😊😊
      But I’m so happy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Little brother!! I just want to tell you, you are gonna get more than 95% in your exams, just accept my nomination. I’ve nominated you for the sunshine bloggers award. If you don’t, you’ll still get more than 95%. 😄 All the best for your results!! 😊😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

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