“I have always wondered if we will remain together, even after death,” she said, looking in his eyes, holding his hand.
“Yes and why not? You think anyone can separate you from me?” he sat beside the hospital bed she was lying on, “I am old and weak. But my heart is strong, you see. I can take anyone down who tries to take you away from me!”
“But I do fear, that I will lose you. That I will never get to see you again. I am scared of falling in that deep abyss from where I will never return.” Her soft and wrinkled hands grabbed his hand tighter than ever. A shining bead of sacred tear fell from her alluring eyes.
“But you won’t lose me, ever” He held her hand and pulled it close to his heart.”I will always stay by your side, even in that dark abyss that you fear. I will never let you go.”
“But this disease and the limit of my life will defeat you. You’ll have to let me go.” She paused and tears rolled down her cheeks.
“If my love is true, and there’s god, I won’t ever need to let you go.” said the old man, as he stood up to leave the operation room.
He left the room praying to god, but he certainly wasn’t wishing for her recovery.

The moment she took her last breath, his wish was fulfilled. God heard him.
They both departed from the world, together, holding their hands.

Related image

“We are together,” the woman, now in wedding gown was walking with her husband hand in hand, towards the gates of heaven.
“Yes, my dear. Even God believes that if the love is sacred and pure, death isn’t an end. When souls are connected together, they surely meet again, let it be on earth, or in heavens”



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