The Blind Illusion! #1

Dark clouds hovered above the city, when Mark Esten woke up in his cabin, sitting on his chair. As soon as his eyes opened, his right hand plunged for his pistol – the weapon that many called as destroyer of life, but the true servant of the country knew it also served another purpose – the protection of life. He felt a wave of satisfaction in his mind upon gripping his revolver, the only thing he could trust upon in the times of great peril.

There was a knock on the door, three times – the sign of a problem.

“Come in,” said Mark, straightening his back and putting his hand over the desk. He picked up a file report and flipped through the pages, just to pretend he was actually reading.

A girl with a blue jacket and a cap came in the room, and stood right in front of Mark. Her blonde hairs were tied perfectly in a bun, and her dark eyes with arched eyebrows stared directly at him.

“Sir,” she saluted, “As you must already know, two days ago, three prisoners ran from the Kaliss Jail Complex to the city. Our reports said that they were charged for the illegal use of Magic – they used few of the illegal spell on their own body, something only scientists and researchers are allowed to do.”

“I know that already, Lieutenant. I was reading the same reports you’re talking about. Yesterday we knocked two of them down. It wasn’t much hard.” said Mark, with a simple look of relief, as if everything was under control.

“Yes, Sir. I remember the powers that those two possessed, the only girl from the group had used the Estadius spell on herself. And the other prisoner had used the Caesus spell. But I am afraid that the only prisoner that we hadn’t caught till now poses a much greater threat, since the spell his body is possessed with is Caranius spell. He might be lurking around the city with a face of a child, or maybe with the body of an old lady.”

“Or maybe, he might be standing right in front of me, with the face of my Lieutenant.” said Mark with a smile.

“You doubt if it’s really me, officer?” she said with an impressed look, “If I weren’t your lieutenant, then I wouldn’t be knowing this – Mark Estern was eating Ice Cream with me yesterday night, and there he dropped his cone and cried for an hour, thinking about how bad his luck was.”

Mark stood up madly in shock with a finger pressed on his lips, “SPEAK LOW, someone might overhear us!”


“Good always shine, but Evil still crawls,

In an Illusion, all is true and all is false.”


Hello, my dear readers

I hope everything is going great and awesome, as it should be. If not, don’t worry, dark clouds don’t last for too long.

I really hope that you liked this piece of fiction, it might be a series, or that’s what I have planned for now. But I promise two things:

  1. I will end it soon, and not drag it for too long.
  2. And, I won’t put an end after 35 episodes without any ending! (I am sorry)

Your feedback means a lot, so please share your opinions and views or whatever you think, just do comment. I would love to know from you if you like me to carry on with this story. 🙂

Till then,

Take care!


73 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #1

    1. I thought writing different must be fun, and it was. So I thought my readers will find it fun too, but no worries, everybody got their different choices.
      Thanks for the read by the way. I am glad you found it nice! 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Brother!
      I hope you’re doing great!
      Thanks a lot for the nomination, heading to your post.
      P.S. – Would love to get your feedback on this post, only if you have some time.
      You too have a great day bhai! 😊


      1. Thank you for taking out the time, Harsh. And yes, I read the post! Loved the descriptions as always, though it was a little troublesome to read on my browser since the background image blended the font color and it was difficult to differentiate letters. Hope you don’t mind only a suggestion to change your font color 🙂
        Waiting for the next part!
        Best wishes to you.

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      2. Thanks for the suggestion brother. I don’t mind, thanks for the help. By the way, there was no way of changing text color alone, so I tried changing the whole palette color, could you please check and tell me if it worked?

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  1. Ah!! The spells & the magic! Something I don’t really like to read about, because they are not possible in real life.
    But you’ve made me wonder, what lies next. So, I would have to follow this series. 👼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Good always shine, but Evil still crawls,
    In an Illusion, all is true and all is false.” abso-freking-lutely loved that phrase!!

    great into.. loved the characters and i clearly saw your love for magic!!
    the names of the spells were unique.. and the suspense of the last dude who hasnt been caught is thrilling!!

    totally looking forward for more!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And finally my post is complete, with your comment, lol!
      Thank you soooooo much for this amazing feedback!! Even I loved that line after writing it, haha
      I am glad you liked the suspense and the mystery of that last guy.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. How much happy it makes me to know that you liked my work!! I am so glad you took time to read it!
      Thank you very much sis! 😊😊
      I will definitely tell you once I figure it out myself… Lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
      I am so glad you liked my stories and found them interesting!
      Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely light em up! Lol
      P.S. Who 16? You? Because I’m 15 years old. 😊


  3. I saw latest posts on this series hence wanted to read from the start. But didnt get a chance until now. So you are a story teller as well?!!!!! What other talents are you hiding Mr Galileo!! Multi-talented person!! And on top of everything, you are excellent in Maths too-my ultimate nemesis! 😛😛 Coming to the story, i liked it a lot! The spell names remind me of harry potter hence very excited to read further! Good start!! One suggestion – maybe background image is not needed? Makes it a little difficult to read..what do you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not any Mr. Galileo, just Mr. Panda! lol
      Your comment just made my day (maybe night, lol) Thank you so much for all the appreciations!
      Yes, few more readers told me that. I thought it looked good, but since readability matters more than attractiveness, I’m gonna remove it! 🙂

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