The Blind Illusion! #8

Julia tried to hold back her tears. “Everything will be fine, don’t cry. Where do you live?” But he didn’t spoke a word, but kept pointing at the factory. Julia picked up the boy in her arms, and asked Estern, “He has just lost his mother. Not speaking anything about his home, I think we should take him with us, to the station. Maybe we can find him his father.”

Even though Estern found something unusual other than innocence in the child’s eyes, he ignored the feeling of suspicion and agreed. Three of them were heading back to the central station. On the way, Julia kept asking the boy about his home and family, but he kept quiet like a leaf.

As they reached the station, the first thing Julia did, was to handover the boy to the “Missing persons” department of the police station. She said goodbye to him and kissed a farewell kiss on his forehead. The boy’s teary eyes were now dry, and a hint of smile came over his face. He might have found the same warmth in her love as he found in her mother’s, Julia thought.


About an hour later, when Estern was deeply searching through the case files of the three prisoners from the Kaliss Jail, to find even a single clue to give him a lead for the investigation, a knock at the door alerted everyone in the room. Three knocks – a sign of a problem. Julia stood upright from her seat. Estern closed the file, “Come in, please.”

An officer came in the room with a heavy breath, “Sir,” he saluted, “It has been reported from the control centre that from the prison no. SP108, the prisoners are missing. The two prisoners who escaped from the Kaliss jail complex.”

“What!?” exclaimed Mark and Julia in unison.

“But how can it be possible?” demanded Estern, “How can they be missing? The security in SP prison is undefeatable, how can they just run out of it?” demanded Estern raising his voice.

“The SP are only accessible to the officers of the high posts and their subordinates. One can only pass through it with a valid ID, there’s no way any intruder can cheat the security.” said Julia, adding a good point that was worth looking after. Estern knew it very well that the wall gates would only open when you will slid your ID card in. But why would any officer betray them and help the prisoners to run out? Estern was thinking hard when suddenly his stare met the telephone on his desk. He called the control centre.

“Josh, can you please check the recent footage of the prison no. SP108? Any clue who was this intruder?” asked Mark, with a sense of hurry in his voice.

“Yes, sir. Let me check it.” Josh typed in the highly-encoded password to unlock the footage’s folder, and then he played it. “Sir, from the footage I can only trace that the officer who last went in the SP corridor, is a female officer.”

“Can you please tell me who she is? You might check the record of the IDs, then you might tell me what was the last ID that was verified to get in the SP.” said Mark, suggesting an intelligent move.

Josh searched through the folders, and finally, the name was in front of his eyes, but how is that possible? “Sir, I don’t know what the problem is. But the SP corridor was last accessed by your lieutenant, Julia Williams.”

It was as if the ground has just swayed under Estern’s feet. Julia let them out!? Estern looked at her, but he just couldn’t meet her eyes considering her a suspect. But it didn’t make any sense. Julia was all the time with him, and it was recorded in the footage. There was no way she could be present at two places, at the exact same time. Suddenly, Estern’s gaze fell over her waist, where her ID card was supposed to be hanging. “Lieutenant” Estern said with his voice hardly audible, “Where is your ID card?”

Julia ran his hands over her belt for the ID card, but it was gone. She checked every single pocket, but it was nowhere.

And then suddenly, a thought shadowed Estern’s mind whose possibility he didn’t even want to admit. Julia’s words were revolving in his mind “He might be lurking around the city with a face of a child, or maybe with the body of an old lady.”

“Lieutenant, where is that child!?”



“A truth when veiled in the the clothes of a lie, shall not change its nature. Because no matter what, the shine always fades, the color degrades, but the truth will forever remain an ace of spades.”



I am really sorry for being late about this update. I’ve been quite busy these days! I am really sorry if I missed some of your guys post. I will try to catch up as soon as time permits!

I hope you are enjoying this series, as much as I am. Don’t forget to share your feedback, views opinions or anything that can help me in my writing journey in the comment’s section.

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Have a great day, and keep smiling like a half crescent moon!

77 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #8

      1. Hello little brother! Sunday is always a happy day…. 😄😄 I’m glad, it made you glad but just so you know, I always read your story, even if I don’t comment 😊how are you doing???

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  1. I had been waiting for the next episode.
    It’s written well…
    I doubted the boy and was sort of disappointed that how can the real culprit be so plainly presented. I mean it was quite easy to guess that something’s wrong with the boy.

    But the boy stealing the ID and then doing what he did, came as a surprise to me. So you succeeded. Congrats 😃✌

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for this amazing comment bro! I am grateful that you think so.
      I never knew you would guess it so easily, why did you feel the boy was the real culprit behind the explosion?
      I am super glad that I surprised you, fingers crossed for Daljit Bhai,hahah

      I hope you’re doing great bhai!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Our eyes were fixed on the whole action and we were waiting some something unusual to happen. The appearance of this boy was the unusual thing. If you remember, I mentioned ‘the boy’ twice with smileys, in my comment on your previous post.
        But you did manage to surprise me.

        Anyway, am doing great. I’ve had my two exams. Now my next exam is on Tuesday.

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      2. Yaa, I remember that comment! 🙂
        I am glad I succeeded, but still I have that “goosebumps revenge” pending. I don’t know if Daljit bhai will get surprised!
        I hope they are all going great! I wish you get a great university after it, for the masters! My best wishes!

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      3. Absolutely​..
        I knew that from the very first appearance of that boy. You should have chosen some other person for that as you have already mentioned, through Julia, that the 3rd culprit could be a little child or an old lady..

        Liked by 2 people

      4. 😆You always ingnite the fire inside me to write much better, you know that, don’t you!!
        Hmm, I will keep it in mind for the rest of the story!!! 😊😊
        Thanks for the feedback bro! 😊

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      1. I’m so sorry for vanishing without informing!
        No no miss Dark JI, the child is the third prisoner that has the power of changing his body, all three of them work under a Leader, main antagonist! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the nominations Di! I am so glad you like her character, too! I will surely check it out. (Was socially off for a week, trying to catch all the posts I missed)
      Have a great day! 🙂

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      Hahaha, even I like when I read a series whose episodes are already posted, restless souls like us can’t stand the patience, haha
      Thank you for the compliment! I was off for week, and just now came back, posting the next part, I hope you’ll like it!

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      1. Do not underestimate yourself and think on positive lines and so what even they are all human beings like us no one in this world is big or small we are all one and you have been given god given gift, so pat your back and keep up the thrills and frills.

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      2. Great so then now new name. K so now carry on with your next episode and happy writing. You know I was telling my son to make a book on poems for me so he said he would do so. So now we have to give a name and let me see if I can squeeze in some nice poems of mine say around 20 to 30. What say.

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      3. KK then tomorrow the first thing when I come to Office will send you one of my stories and let me know truly how you liked it and do not feel bad cause it is always appreciated to give true comments and I do not mind at all. So pl. dear do not hesitate.

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  2. Oh yes God damn yess the leader was the lame ass child!!! Hahahahaha.. you never know the satisfaction of predicting something in an amazing story and then finding that your prediction was accurate! I’m so excited I can do the chicken dance!!!!

    Typo here “Julia ran his hands over her belt for the ID card”

    Julia ran his hands over her belt? Damn.. Julia’s hands must be male! Hahaha 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ““A truth when veiled in the the clothes of a lie, shall not change its nature. Because no matter what, the shine always fades, the color degrades, but the truth will forever remain an ace of spades.”

    Loved this to bits! It’s amazing how it’s a quote but yet is dipped in some poetic elixir! 👌

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