The Blind Illusion! #9

Julia had just now kissed the boy on his forehead and left him there. The boy hid a grin on his face. Tears always come in handy to fool someone. The boy moved ahead in the ‘Missing persons’ department. Few children were also there, crying and waiting for their parents to come. He went and pulled the skirt of a lady officer holding some paperwork.

“Who are you? What’s your name?” the officer bent down on her knees and asked pulling his cheeks. Stop that right now if you don’t want your head cut off. He forced a smile. “Ma’am, I’m thirsty. May I get a water bottle?”

He was walking towards the dustbin, as told by the officer “Throw the bottle, there. Don’t litter around here.” He rolled the plastic bottle in his hand, filled with the water. He twisted the cap and poured all the water in the dustbin. He was watching the sweeper closely, he might find it weird if he found him wasting the water, but children are supposed to do things like this, aren’t they? A man with a muscular body, in a proper uniform came to the sweeper. “Hey, old hag. A prisoner had vomited in the cell, it’s stinking so bad. Go and clean up!” And the sweeper just nodded.

The boy slid his hand inside his pocket, and felt the ID card of that foolish officer who kissed him on the forehead. Everything was working out well, now he just needed to follow the sweeper. But before that, he needed to take off this skin, it was too small. He hid behind a pillar and picked out the ID card. Julia Williams. He concentrated on her face, and tried to make out the uniform that she wore at that time. “Cambiar” he whispered. I hate to be a female! He followed the sweeper who went down the stairs, passing through number of corridors. The air was getting chilled and heavy. The sweeper stopped in front of a cell, and sighed. “What a disgusting job! And what a disgusting vomit!” The boy disguised as Julia walked past the sweeper, and screamed, pretending to fall on the ground. Julia cried in pain. “Someone help, please.” The sweeper looked at the lady on the ground. He happily threw off his cleaning equipment and went to her “Is something wrong, Ma’am?” Another fool, humans are so lusty!

“Ouch, I think my ankle is all broken. I can’t stand up!” he started wailing in pain. The sweeper, without another thought, gave her his shoulder and picked her up. “Come with me please, let me help you to the Medical wing.”

He quickly shook his head in disagreement. “No, that will waste a lot of my time. Can you please leave me to the prison no. SP 108? That will be a great help to me, I’ll be forever grateful!”

SP 108, yes, that’s exactly the no. leader told me. And Leader can never be wrong.

“SP? I am sorry but I can’t take you over there. We aren’t allowed to go there, only officers of high post-

But Julia stopped him abruptly, showing her ID card.

“The silver card,” spoke the sweeper in amazement. He searched his pockets and picked out a long piece of paper, a map. “It’s not too far, but I will leave you at the gates. I don’t want to lose my job, please.”

The sweeper did as he said. He dropped her in front of a wall with a small space for a card to be slid in. “The city is under threats of many criminals. Officers like you, are doing an amazing job.” The sweeper started his story, “I always wanted to become an officer, wearing those badges, catching those criminals.” Suddenly the excitement in his eyes fell dead. “But, my destiny had something else. My father died in the second decade’s epidemic. I was the youngest of my five brothers and sister. Our mother did some odd jobs and sold strawberries at the roads. I couldn’t study anymore, and that’s how I ended up being here, with a broomstick in my hand,” he laughed a little, “but everything’s fine, my siblings are studying, and mother is waiting for me at home, no more doing any odd -“ before he could say anymore, Julia grabbed the sweeper’s neck and lifted him in the air. “You talk too much! I- don’t-like-that!” the sweeper kept throwing his legs in the air, and after some moment, his legs came to rest. His eyes were wide opened, and his hands were hanging in the air. “Just my way to thank someone!” she let out a grin and touched the body’s forehead, now lying lifeless on the ground. “Ivestra” A hole formed right between his eyebrows and the body that was turning into sand was entering in herself through her finger. The prisoner disguised as Julia, was feeding off the sweeper’s body.


The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people are so full of doubts.

-Bertrand Russell


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69 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #9

    1. My apologies, bhai! I am literally sorry for being inactive for so long. I am really feeling bad for neglecting my responsibility. I can understand if you didn’t enjoy it. Will try my best in the next episode. 🙂
      I hope you’re having a great day!

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      1. I don’t know If I should smile because of having such great friends here, or apologize once again! Guess I’ll do both.
        I won’t promise, because I am bad at keeping them. (I promised Suraj Bhai that I’ll post on saturday, and I broke it!) But trust me, I’ll now vanish after finishing this series only!!!

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      2. See, That’s why. You ask questions that are very straight forward! 😂😂😂 Don’t mind please. And also, I read that you’re a sensitive (just like me, I think I’m hypersensitive) guy, that’s why I reread my comment before replying to you.

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      3. Yeah dude, I’m very straight forward, sensitive and the guy you don’t want to aggravate in public. Because when I’m angry, I don’t give a shit about the surroundings, I will say whatever I want to.
        Trust me, I hate the angry Daljit.

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      4. Don’t hate yourself, anger is just another human emotion. Don’t think of it as something bad. But it’s bad, if that anger is hurting you in any way.
        By the way, I am glad you say whatever you like. I want to adopt that habit too. Because one of my favorite character has said 😍 “Say whatever you feel, do whatever you like – because those who mind, doesn’t matter and those who matter, doesn’t mind. 😍😍😍

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      5. Even I don’t like Angry Daljit.
        And I don’t like people who are staright forward. I know being straight forward is very good, but I view those people to be insensitive to others. (In some situations only)

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      6. And please don’t think about your words, before replying me or anyone. Because when you think before replying, you might end up changing your words and that would mean totally different from what you wanted to say. In short don’t do formalities. Formalities are done by wearing a mask. Don’t hide yourself behind any mask. I hope I was able to make it clear.

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      7. Hmm, and that’s something I call a real conversation! 😊
        You’re absolutely true Bhai! I just fear, because hurting someone with my words is the last thing I want to do and because of that I sometimes backspace my actual thoughts… Haha 😂😂

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      1. But killing that sweeper, I think I also have that ‘no pity’ part in myself, hahaha nono… A writer is never responsible for the deaths in his writing!! Only the circumstances! 😂😂

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  1. This is getting so interesting!! And this time it was easier to read (no distracting background – thanks for that!!) … And the ending quote is so true!! … When is the next one coming now? This one came after quite sometime! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the read and the compliments bro! I am so glad you think so.
      Yes, i was socially off for a week but now the series is regular. I have posted the next part already, you may read when you like. 😊😊
      Have a great day!!!


      1. Ah ok….i missed it then …i was out sick ….will be checking​ them soon…you know….the excitement of ‘what-happened-next’!! 😁

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  2. Scrolling through comments where people be like “Awh this took so long” grinning to myself 😄

    I love the little magical spell words you’ve thought of.. truely a magical little Alvin you are!

    And wow.. I love the devilish sprinkles you’ve added.. the way the babyfaced asshole murdered and consumed the blabbery workers body was all on point! 👌

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