The Blind Illusion! #10

The prisoner behind the mask of Julia’s face entered in the SP corridor and soon reached the cell no. 108. Unlocking the bars, she stepped inside the dark room, with a glass jar put right in a center. “Come out, you useless freaks.” scolded Julia, stomping her feet on the ground. “Leader is so disappointed with you!”

The clunk of the shackled broke the silence as the invisible man, bound in the chains came into light by making himself visible. “Who are you? And how do you know about the leader?”

“It’s me, Fealus, you cowdung.” Julia shouted, and then touched her neck and whispered “I hate when my voice sounds feminine.”

“Fealus!” the man said surprised. “I never expected you would come to – Did leader send you to get us?”

“Who else, you think, walnut-brain? He is so angry because of you both. I fear that the moment he sees both of you, he will tear you apart.”, said Julia in a deep tone. “Where is she? That careless crap! In this glass jar?”

The moment the word escaped Julia’s mouth, the glass jar exploded and all the water got splashed on the walls. “Who are you calling Careless Crap!?” the girl shouted with anger flaring in her eyes. “We were such an idiot that we followed your plan and divided. You are the careless crap, not me!”

Soon after, they all were ready to escape. But a problem came in their way, “How could you be so foolish to break that jar?” the man with the invisible power spoke. “Only Fealus entered this cell. I won’t make trouble because I can get invisible, but if they noticed two of us coming out, when only one of us got in. We won’t be able to make out of this ever.”

The girl looked at the ground, feeling sorry. But there was no wrinkle of worry on Fealus’s forehead. “I knew something similar would happen. So, I planned it before.” Fealus picked out the empty water bottle that he hid in the uniform for the exact circumstances. “Get in this, Karisa” The girl without another thought, turned into water and flowed right into the bottle.

“Lazek, come on. We have already wasted a lot of time. Leader must be waiting for us.” Fealus spoke as he adjusted the water bottle, now filled, in Julia’s police uniform. “Fealous, wait. I need to tell you something.”, said Lazek.


“What!?” Fealus shouted. “How could you do this, Lazek? You know leader will kill you before even thinking once the moment he gets to know that you had disclosed his plan with someone else.”

“Don’t say that. I never shared his plan, I don’t even know what his plan is. I just told about our last location, under the cotton plant.” Lazek spoke as fast as he could to calm Fealous down.

“Who was that you shared it all with?” Fealous demanded.

Lazek tried to remember the name that shone on his badge, glittering by the ball of fire. “Mark Estern. Yes, that was his name”

Fealus stood silent, thinking deep. “We can’t afford him living. He has to be eliminated.”


Estern and Julia ran to the SP corridor, with a desperate hope to find the third prisoner there. How could he fool us so easily?! Dammit! Estern slid his ID card in, and ran to the cell. The bar was opened, they had escaped. He lit is torch – shackles were broken, the glass jar was shattered on the ground. Nothing was left. Julia went inside scanning the walls for any sort of clue, but nothing was there. “I’m so sorry, Sir. I never knew that the child could be him.” said Julia, seeking forgiveness. But Estern didn’t spoke a word, I hate losing!


“A defeat will make you bow, but can’t force you crawling,

What defines you is how well you rise after falling.”


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74 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #10

  1. Well! well! well!..
    Yesterday I didn’t enjoy and today I didn’t want to stop reading it..
    Well done dude..
    It just turned out to be very interesting. Way more than it was in the starting.
    Now I’m eager to read the next episode.

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      1. Hahaha😂… Did you get the meaning?
        You are only on Instagram and I don’t use my ID so it’s a bit difficult to tell you or suggest you about your story. If I share my ideas over here then it’ll cost some people’s interest. And I don’t want that to happen..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I got the meaning. Mindless like an animal! Lol…
        Oh, so that’s the problem. I am so sorry because instagram is the only way I interact with bloggers. Otherwise my comments section are zindabad, but since you can’t let such confidential information out here. Just tell Suraj Bhai to send the scrnshots to me. I hope he doesn’t mind the job of a postman.

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      3. Yeah he won’t mind that, but I do. I don’t like asking people to forward my messages. So, I think we should leave it. If, in any case, I’ll start using Instagram again, I will definitely share my ideas.

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      4. Yeah, I realized that when you called him ‘Dangar’ when he directly forwarded your message, lol.
        No problem bro, as you wish. But you have still got me curious about that!

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      1. For a moment I thought you won’t reply…
        I’m good now… I’m again Sorry! Ek dum bada wala… Please forgive me! 🙉And I have posted something, I would like you to give it a read… 😃

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      2. Why wouldn’t I reply to you Di? I would never want to lose my friends here.
        Sure, I will come there right now. I don’t know why my reader doesn’t show your posts! 🙂
        P.S. – Sorry from my side too, mere zyada bada wala. hahaha

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      3. And I would never want to lose my little brother here…❤❤
        P.S. You didn’t do anything wrong… So don’t say Sorry! And you know, I don’t like that word either….

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      4. Harshi…. I hate tears re!!! But seriously, I am really sorry! And don’t you dare say that to me even like this “S****”… And you know why..

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      5. Harshi!? I mean, it was pushpa, so you could have also called “Harsha” but that’s also a girlish name! How could you Di? 😂😂😂😂
        It’s like you’re trying to stop me do things that you are continuously doing!

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      6. I couldn’t think of a better one at that moment… Overflowing emotions! Hahaha
        You’re my little brother!! 😊😊
        It’s because I can and you can’t because I said so😛

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      7. 😂😂😂 And the brothers are just so innocent… They listen to everything we say…(please note the sarcasm)… 😝😝😝


      8. Not expensive in my case.
        She’s just 3 years younger and she never asks for anything. There’s not much age difference but, for me, she’s just like my daughter.
        And Suraj is also younger than me but he’s​ more like big bro🙈. Always gives me right advice and cool downs the angry Daljit 🙈.

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      9. I love those monkey thingey!! haha, I thought convincing younger sisters must be expensive, lol. I’ve never had any experience as such!
        Suraj bhai looks like a calm personality person and no doubt you both are brothers, lol. One in Fire, then another is water, lol

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  2. Awesome once again and I loved this part so mysterious and how they went about their job and getting into the bottle and all those stuff. Great master mind Harsh. R you busy dear, I have sent you my story yesterday by email I think you have not opened your email let me know once you see how I have written the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliments Di!
      And don’t worry about that mail. i have got it, but I wanted to do it justice by giving you a detailed feedback. I read the few pages and I must say, that master is really mysterious! I will send the feedback very soon! 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks dear but how is the story going are you finding it good to read or boring and also tell me that I have kept the flow of conversation flowing or it has to be more and also the language. Ya and Masters are like that only they know who is prepared and who is not and they will surely catch that person to make him understand that the Master is always right.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The starting got me hooked, I really liked it! But the ending did confuse me a little bit. I have mentioned its reason in the mail. It would have been amazing if you can find a reason how those children survived instead of making it a dream… It will sound amazing them!
        It was NOT boring!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. K I understand but that is the catch that he created all this as a dream and the children were never dead. It was in a dream state that he Jonah went and took the children and buried them but actually nothing had ever happened he created this scenario for opening Jonah’s eyes that implicit faith and obedience in a master is of so much importance. So you want me to write this what i just told you then there will be clarity.

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      4. Sure Di! You can surely make it into a book. But don’t abandon that story that you sent me at the first place. One more thing- I’m not a great writer that’s why my feedback isn’t that mature, i would advice you to check out these websites like “Scirbophile” “and there are many other webistes where people review your writing and give you feedback, and they don’t even charge you. You just have to critique other’s stories. 😊 I hope you’ll find it useful!

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  3. Wow this is the best episode so far ❤️ eagerly waiting for the next one 😊You have got good hang of how to keep people hooked to the series👍🏻 keep it up harsh😊 I repeat it – waiting for the next one 😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cowdung and walnut brain.. I love the mixture of humour and Fealus’s arrogance!

    Lazek, Karisa, Fealus.. loving the Uncommon name choices yo! 👌

    Typo :- “But Estern didn’t spoke a word, I hate losing!” – Speak a word!

    ““A defeat will make you bow, but can’t force you crawling,
    What defines you is how well you rise after falling.”

    This quote just gave me so much power I feel supernatural! 😎✌

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