The Blind Illusion! #11

Two men and a girl were walking on a street path, and quickly took a left turn, getting behind a pillar. “It must be somewhere here,” said Fealus, sweeping his hand on the wall, and then he found it. He drew a star enclosed in a circle on that particular brick that looked exactly like the other. Suddenly, the symbol Fealus just drew glowed bright blue and the next moment, the earth beneath their footsteps slid and they fell down, all the way to hell!

Lazek, Karisa kept screaming while they went slipping on the large slide, but Fealus kept quiet folding his arms while waiting for the end, “First time is always terrifying!” screamed Fealus to calm both of them down and soon they all were thrown at the end of the slide.

“Where are we?” Karisa stood up pressing her head that had hit the ground pretty hard. “And what’s this disgusting smell?”

“Leader’s new location. Now, come on and trust me, you would like to pray for your life before you meet him.”, said Fealus, walking on the platform on the other side of the running sewage water. Lazek and Karisa quietly followed him, with sweat beads showing up on their forehead the closer they got to Leader.

Fealus stopped in front of a wall, and pressed his hand on it. “Recludo” he whispered and a narrow path showed up in front of their eyes. The air was getting heavier and the smell was now no longer disturbing as they crossed the narrow chamber. The path ended up in a large big hall, with weird paintings drawn on the walls and spider-webs adding darkness to the place.

“Finally, you came.”, said a shadow in an icy voice, hid behind the curtain of darkness revealing only the red gleaming eyes.

All of them bowed at once. Karisa and Lazek fell on their knees, and Fealus got out of the way. “Please forgive us, leader!” both said in unison.

“If you weren’t one of my few possessions, I would have never hesitated to turn you both into ashes the moment you entered here. But, I’m not that merciless, am I, Fealus?” the sharp voice coming from the shadowy corner echoed in the vast space.

“You are the epitome of mercy, Leader. I’ll forever be grateful to you to think of me as worthy enough to join you in this mission of Immortality.” said Fealus, joining his palms and bowing to the shadow.

“Leader!” Lazek stood up, with his fist on his chest, “I have revealed the information about you and our mission. I broke the swear. You may kill me, please. I will never be able to live with this guilt.”

“But what benefit I will gain through killing you, Lazek?” the shadow spoke, without any hint of anger in the voice. “Who is he who knows about us?”

“Mark Estern. He is a police officer, the one who caught us and put us behind the bars” said Karisa, in a serious tone. “We have to eliminate him, Leader!”

The shadow sighed, and said, “I guess we don’t have to. He might play the last piece of the puzzle to my immortality.” The red gleaming eyes reflected a burning fire in them, “Bring him to me, Alive!”


“He boiled their blood and let if foam, He made the hell to just feel like home.”



*Lost ~~~

*Lifeless like Corpse!°•

26 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #11

    1. Where were you all this time?! 😂😂😂 I was like waiting for you. Because I am eager to take that revenge!!! Seriously!!!
      I will try to do a lot better! But it seems that I won’t be able to do it. No problem. i think you’ll like the next one. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great and I liked the mysterious evil man who will kill everyone to a pulp and even though those guys are getting really scared of him have to apply maska. Lets see what are they going to do with Mark. Nice Harsh. I have just sent a post on the awards and have said thank you to you dear in my awards for nominating me with few other bloggers who have so kindly nominated me for so many awards. Thanks once again.


  2. I love the imagery you create.. it doesn’t happen often in readings..where you have a very detailed clear image of what you read.. like a movie of your own imagination flashing through while you read.. the lighting.. the atmosphere the smell, spider webs and the wall paintings! All in perfect description!

    Love how you link the story about mark being the last piece.. and spin it like a Web.

    “He boiled their blood and let if foam, He made the hell to just feel like home.”

    Let it foam or let if foam!
    Love the rhyming quoted.

    Blood foams and makes hell feel like home! Damn.. Imight loving this series!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What would I do on this planet if you weren’t here to spot my typos… 😂😂😂 I feel like I am an idiot, really! How can I do these stupid errors!!
      I read about it in an article Di! You should describe using the five senses or atleast three… So I tried it. I am glad you liked it! 😊😊

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