The Blind Illusion! #12

Estern picked out his phone from his pocket, and scrolled through the mails to find something important, while Julia twisted the keys and unlocked the door.

“Mark, we’re home now, and we promised we won’t bring our work here.”, said Julia, entering their home. Estern quickly switched off his cellphone and put it inside the jacket.

Estern took a deep breath as he sat on the sofa, removing his jacket and untucking the top buttons of his shirt. “You are stressed today, aren’t you? Would you like a cup of coffee?” said Julia, pulling her hair in a tight bun.

“Black, please. Thank you, Julia.”

“I think you are taking this Kaliss Jail’s case too seriously. I know you didn’t sleep last night.”, said Julia from the kitchen, picking out the coffee beans jar from the drawer. Before Estern could reply, the doorbell rang. Why would someone come at their home at 1 a.m.? Estern stood up from the sofa, and walked towards the door. Peeking through the eye hole, Estern saw a delivery guy holding a packet in his hand. He opened the door with a creak, “Yes?”

“Sir, here is a parcel for this address.” The delivery guy spoke as softly as he could.

Estern knew that the parcel was for Julia, the result of her shopping love. “Why the heck did you come this late at night? I never see any delivery company doing service this late.”, reasoned Estern, with his arched eyebrows raised a bit.

“I am sorry to disturb you this late, Sir. But the parcel had to be delivered under 30 minutes after our getting the order.”

“So much extra will I have to pay for this ’30 minutes’?” said Estern searching his wallet in his pocket.

“The payment’s already been made, Sir. Thank you very much for the cooperation.” The delivery boy forced the parcel in Mark’s hand and left without another word.”

Completely baffled, Estern got back in room. He unwrapped the parcel as fast as he could. A sheet of paper fell on the ground, slipping from Estern’s eyes. He found a box, and as he hastily opened it just to find a cellphone in there. Why would Julia order this old-fashioned phone? It doesn’t even have a touch screen! “Julia!” called Estern, “Did you order any cellphone?” But Julia didn’t answer.

With the phone in his hand, Estern walked to the kitchen, and found her grinding the coffee beans, “Julia, did you order something?”

“No, Estern. You know I don’t like online shopping. I like to feel them before purchasing them.”, said Julia, pouring the coffee in the cup. “Here you go!”

Estern took a sip, scanning the phone and something didn’t feel right. “Julia, I told you to make a black one. Why did you add milk?”

“I am sorry, I just exchanged the cups,” Julia replaced Estern’s mug with hers, “Now you go, a perfect black coffee”

Estern walked back to the room, switching the phone on, but before he could sit on the sofa, he felt something under his feet. A paper.


“The flowers have wilted,

The garden is dead,

Voices now threaten me,

that scream in my head!”


28 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #12

    1. Hello, friend!
      I don’t know why my reader doesn’t show up your posts. It’s happening a lot with me!
      I hope you’re good and well! Thank you so much for visiting! I feel so blessed to have you as my blogging buddy!
      Have a great day! 😊😊😊
      PS. This is just an episode of a series, if you get time, please read the previous episodes too!


  1. Damn this honestly creeped me out.. I was like oh crap omg omg.. when I read the coffee part and it was just the mixed up cups! Love the thrill and the suspense and I hate that the next part isn’t out yet!!

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