The Blind Illusion! #13

Estern picked up the old paper scroll from the ground. Unexpectedly, It was for him, Mark Estern, Who writes letters nowadays? And then he read it.

Greetings to Mr. Mark Estern, I hope everything is going well in your life. Because I really don’t want to take it away from you, moreover you have a wife to take care of. You would never like to see her dead, would you? I know that you know about me and my plan to immortality. The prisoners who ran away under your nose, are my possessions. They deeply disappointed me as they told you about me, and since knowing about me is forbidden, you have to die. My heartfelt apologies. But killing you will be such a waste, don’t you think? Since you can actually help me. So here’s the deal – You cooperate and achieve immortality, or see your wife die in front of your eyes. Doesn’t this sound so great to you? The power to cheat Death! You’ll live forever and will never fade in the pages of history! Join me and be immortal! You might have received a cellphone as well. Would you care to switch it on? You will get the orders through it, about how to reach me.
Capture 1
You might have received a cellphone as well. Would you care to switch it on? You will get the orders through it, about how to reach me.
       Since you haven’t win my trust, yet. I have sent one of my faithful possessions to take you. His name is Fealus, treat him with respect. And don’t waste your time thinking about how to escape from this, your wife will already be with me by now, crying for help. Won’t you come to rescuse her?
Glad to have you join me!
Your Leader.

Sweat beads were dripping from Estern’s nose, as he held the paper in his shivering hands. Without another thought, throwing the cellphone and the scroll, he ran towards the kitchen.

“Julia,” the words escaped Estern’s mouth, but his eyes were opened wide. Julia wasn’t there but a man, sitting on sill with an eaten apple in his hands. “Hey, I’m Fealus! Leader must have told you about me in the letter.”

Estern’s mind went numb, he couldn’t think of anything. How could this all happen? Where was Julia!?

“What did you do to her? Where did you take my wife!?” shouted Estern at the top of his voice.

Fealus picked his ears, and twisted his mouth, “Man! Can’t you speak slow. You might tear my eardrums.”

Estern dashed to him and picked him up with the collars of his shirt. “Where is she!?” he said with the veins bulging on his head. But before he could slam him in the face, Fealus turned into Julia. Watching her alluring face, Estern couldn’t help but forced back his anger running in his blood.

“She is safe as long as you do as what Leader asks you to do. Now put me down, you’re hurting my neck!” he said calmly and turned back to his original body. Estern was going to punch him in the face with his tight fist itching with fury, but he couldn’t as he remembered the words “treat him with respect”

Estern was helpless, he fell on his knees on the ground, thinking about Julia.


“The moment the evil steeps down too low, you have to do so too, in order to destroy it!”



44 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #13

    1. Oh…
      I am so glad you liked it bhai!!!! I’m super happy!!! Thank you so much!!!
      I just wish this time I don’t fail in taking the revenge!! 😂😂😂
      I am happy that you liked the quote too! 😊😊😊

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      1. Hahahaha….😂😂 I’m glad you did…. Or I would have to tell you again… 😝😝
        Well, I told you, you’re great with words!!!!:):)


  1. Wow!
    I’m stunned.
    This episode was THE BEST till now.
    You still were not able to give me goosebumps. But trust me dude, you were way too close, my skin was ready for that but didn’t get it. But you know what, till now, I haven’t read anything that took me so close to have goosebumps. Well done. You got your revenge buddy..

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I have tears in my eyes (jk I was being dramatic)
      Seriously bhai, this revenge kept me motivated all the time to write better and better! But now I am very much sure that you’re gonna like the coming episodes because they will be of the same pace and same suspense.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. i will be frank with you buddy, i haven’t had time to read every bit of your awesome writing as i would like to define it but whenever i did,boy! you are one heck of an awesome writer !!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your comment just made my day bhai!!! Thank you soooo much!!!
      I am glad you were being frank. Because the problem is same with me. My reader doesn’t show posts of many of my blogging friends! But I am glad you took time to read it!!
      Have a great day!!! 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how precise you keep your episodes. I’m glad I’m keeping up with the series.. you’re twisting it in style!

    Can’t wait for the next part!! ❤


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  6. So cuteheart! Lovely to read so much amazing stuff from you after so long and wonderfully soothing reads after those stressful exams which are finally over now. I need to catch up a lot. So how are you? I think today was your result, howz it? You surely have scored very well. Good wishes to you

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    1. Thank you soooo much Di!!!! I am so glad you feel so! Getting done with exams is soooooo good! I have shared the whole story in my recent post, please read it to know the whole story, I’m not self promoting Di, trust me, lol.


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