The Blind Illusion! #15

The bright streak of light flashed in Estern’s eyes the moment the knot of the black cloth was pulled. If he wouldn’t have been blinded with the sudden light in his eyes, he would have pictured and memorized each and every painting that was put on the walls, but he couldn’t make even a wild guess of where he was right now. A red light was shining from the dark corner. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, someone groped his hands and pulled them behind his back. Before Estern could turn around to punch that person, someone kicked his legs from behind and got him on his knees.

The red light that was shining in the dark corner seemed to move above, and no sooner a cold and sharp voice, called from there. “Lazek, what made you think there was any need of it. Although he is our guest, you must treat him more carefully. And not to mention, you don’t want to hold any grudges with someone who will join you very soon, or do you?”

The vision that was blinded was now getting blurry and soon normal. Estern could clearly see everything going around him. Those prisoners were standing right in front of him, and that Fealus who got him here. But the voice belonged to someone else.

“Where is Julia!” Estern shouted gritting his teeth.

The red shine rose above and got into light, and with it came a face. A man with ash dark hair walked into the light. One of his eyes was blood red, and a disgusting smirk on his face urged Estern to bring this man to pieces. “Where is she!?”

Walking towards Estern with his brawny feet, the man tutted and spit out on the ground.

“So much desperation… doesn’t suit my taste.” He reached Estern and picked him up by his neck. But before he could reach him, Estern snapped at him and threw his hand away from him. “You would prefer controlling your temper if you want your beloved not to die a brutal death.”

“What the heck do you want from me!? Why don’t you leave her alone and face me like a man! Coward, stop using a woman as your safe card and fight me!” All the three, Lazek, Karisa, and Fealus gasped at the last words. But their leader said no word.

But an excruciating pain ran through Estern’s arm, as if molten lava was flown over his hand. He looked at his hand, trembling with pain. And suddenly his hand started to burn, the skin started ripping off in a thin line and the blood oozed out, until the wound made a sentence, “BOW DOWN”

Estern was suppressing the scream inside himself that was crying to get out, but he knew he wasn’t going to let himself low, not in front of the kidnapper of his wifer. “Never” these words escaped his mouth and he clenched his hand tight.

“You have to,”

And before Estern could stand on his feets, a strong force bent his back and got him back on his knees. Estern was trying to fight against this force; the veins were bulging on the side of his neck. But he couldn’t, he fell on his feet, smashing his fist on the ground. He could see the hint of smile on the leader’s face.



29 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #15

  1. Did I tell you I like Estern? A lot? I believe in him. He’ll get her back soon. Still I don’t like the thought of both of them hurting.
    This series is getting better and better!!!! I hope you don’t keep me waiting😇😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

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