Ecanus Five! 

For all the readers out there, here comes a website to soothe your reading hunger. 

Ecanusfive, a writing platform where you can showcase your writing skills. 

It’s a group of 5 members trying to create a magical world with their words. 

To give you an insight of writing talent, below is a poem written by one of the team members of Ecanusfive – “Paras”. 

What would I’ve without you?

The life seems so happy

Alongside you.

The fun we had, and will have,

Became the best memories

That I’ll cherish

Till the end of my breathes.

Your presence

Brings a different kind of joy,

You are not just my best friend,

You are more than a family,

More important than love

For me and you’ll always be.

I sometimes fail to express it,

But when we aren’t the same,

I feel like meteors showering on me,

Like the black holes tearing me apart,

Like the stars toasting me.

I have always loved you,

And I always will.

Because your friendship

Is the reason that

There is life in this body.

With you by my side,

I’ll dodge the meteors,

Stay away from black holes

And the stars will nurture

The bond we share.

You’re my soulmate,

Forever and always.

If you liked the poem and are intrigued to read some more, then head on to 

As an added bonus, you can follow our social media handles to remain in hunt of what new is to come next. 

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And one secret is – “We now accept guest posting” 

So come write with us. 

Post written by Puneet Kumar. 


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