“When everything came falling down upon me,

All I could do was take a deep breath and see, 

The destiny defeat my desire of becoming all I ever wanted to be.

I greeted it as an old friend with whom I used to play,

And I sat there waiting for him to take my breath away!”


98 thoughts on “Destiny! 

      1. These are just comments… Not the ones I have in my phone… The rhymes I write are a bit different….they are inspired from my feelings for someone…they represents the LOVE, emptiness, crave for Love and sometimes loneliness… But the ones I write in comments are just inspired from the post…so they are different…

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      1. The rain… All I can say is that it’s got a mind of its own. This second it’s all calm, the next I’m hearing 😯
        I just wish it would only come in the night when I’m on my bed😰

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      2. Yeah yeah. I’ll try to remember that when I’m not wearing shoes that’ll spoil in the rain and sheer clothes that stick to my body 😅
        That said, I do like the rain, just don’t find it in the best times.

        Have any exciting plans for the weekend?

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      1. Yeah, that’s such a great privilege. 😊😊 Sometimes I feel blessed because I did not chose writing, Writing chose me. Hahaha… This blog wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for the pressure from my teacher to write a poem for school magazine.

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  1. That’s simply precise and amazing.. love the defeated sad tone and the conclusion definitely garlanded that tone with so much more power!

    You just used an old pic from your media library you lazy bums!
    Isn’t this the pic you used for your poem that ended up a colab with my painting?

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    1. Thank you very much Miss Dark Ji!! I am so glad you liked the end.

      😨😨 I am caught!! Oh man! The queen of sharp memory! Let me bow down to you! And what else can I expect from a teacher? 😂😂😂
      I am so sorry! And yeah, I am lazybums!! 😂😂😂 (the name is sooooo funny)

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    1. One thing that I have learned on wordpress, Gender issues are really really important. lol hahaha
      Jokes apart, no bro, I didn’t think of it, I just wrote sounded better. 🙂 Thanks for reading!
      Have a great day!!! 🙂

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      1. Wow..I always love to get wet in the rain..please write something.. I would love to read a rain scene in blue watery eyes..your descriptions would be out of the world if you write already is.

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      2. It’s over now, the rain! But the earthly smell that makes the place no less than heaven though for only a few seconds, is all what makes the moment worth capturing!!
        😍😍😍 I would love to write one, and include in it! Thanks for this awesome advice!! 😊😊
        And your compliments means soo much to me I can’t even explain!

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    1. I am so glad you liked it!
      I truly agree with you beautiful thought. It was just a fictional piece of one who has bowed to destiny thinking it as defeat but I am glad people are disagreeing that the destiny can’t defeat before we accept it! 😊

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