Rain! °•

Every drop of it was reminding of the beauty that nature has in store for us!

The rain drops that kissed the ground and connected with it, gave rise to an earthly smell that made the place no lesser than heaven. The ambrosial fragrance that could put all my worries and problems to sleep for a while, and let me feel every bit of this moment.

I could watch the flowers tickling when the drops fell on their soft petals, and could imagine the wind caressing the plants, while they rejoiced in this weather. Everything was connected with each other by the threads of water.

I stepped forward, and a cool wind with the sprinkles of water welcomed me like a long lost lover, and this was the time when I left all the thoughts behind me, and looked above. 

Only if I could open my eyes, I could watch the clouds that were so far away from me, but still felt so close. The drops that trickled on my face were bringing a smile on the face that have long forgotten how to smile. I could feel myself getting dissolved in it, as if it was my soul that was getting pleased whenever a drop touched its core. 

My words will never be able to capture that heavenly presence, but I can capture the feelings that my heart felt, for it remembers the every moment of it! 

Thank you very much Jeni Di for the motivation! 🙂

37 thoughts on “Rain! °•

  1. I still can’t believe you wrote it in such a short time..I guess it would be ten mins..2 mins to type,2 minutes to choose the pic, one min to get settle down..literally you have penned down this amazing piece in just 5 mins..I’m so so so excited and thrilled to read this..
    Cool wind with the sprinkles of water welcomed me like a LOST LOVER and this was the time when I left all the thoughts behind me and looked above..I just absolutely loved this line..
    I could watch the clouds that were so far away from me but still felt close. And the ending…you captured the feelings so very well and I will remember the every moment of it..
    And to see my name at the end of poem makes me so happy..I’m so hap I asked you to write something..you have written such a lovely piece.. somehow I feel you have dedicated this for me…thank you harsh..

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    1. To be honest, I can’t believe that I can write so fast, too!!! Where does this skill go when I sit to write my novel? 😂😂😂😂
      First things first, I get sooooo excited to read comments of this length, I am telling you, this morning has become so special because of you!! Thank you sooo much!!
      I am so happy you liked this piece!
      Trust me, I would have never written this if it wasn’t for your inspirational comment! Thank you very much!!
      It’s written be cause of you! Every word is dedicated to you! 😊😊

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      1. Lol😁😁 To be honest, I don’t write lengthy comments..that was the longest comment from me and it will the longest remain forever..😊😊
        Thanks again Harsh.

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      1. That means soo much to me! Thanks a lot, really! But please forgive me, because I don’t do awards anymore, because I have already done these awards earlier. Hope you don’t mind, but I WILL definitely answer the questions. Thank you very much!!! 🙂
        P.S. I’m thinking of writing something in Hindi, but I’m too scared it won’t come out well and people will laugh and say “You stay within your limits, don’t try Hindi. You’re bad at it!”

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  2. What I came to realize as I was savoring every well written and beautiful word is how one we are usually with what’s surrounding us..the weather..change of wind..the color of the sky..and amount of sunlight…all these things play a major part in what our moods will be without our direct knowledge of it..rain in this case which you have wrote beautifully about is the most vital of all I suppose for Mysterious reasons..can you imagine what human kind would be like if we had other atmospheric conditions on earth..

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    1. And your comments always lighten up my day! 😊😊
      I am sooo glad that you could feel through my words, that’s what my main intention was, to let people feel through my words what I felt at that time. Thank you sooo much for your amazing insight on this post!
      And about the question, I don’t think much will change, just our bodies, and the color of the sky… It will be funny, actually! 😂😂😂

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