The Knife Queen! 

Once upon a time, amidst a dark forest with trees so huge, and branches so sharp, no one ever dared to walk through it after the last ray of sun died. 

Two towns were seperated by this dark forest, that was famous for its stories of mysterious voices at night, and strange deaths of people who never made their way out of the forest.

“Grandpa, why are we cancelling our trip to Starol Festival?” The boy said with his face puffed up, and ears turning scarlet red. 

“No, Bunny. We can’t go there now. The sun has already set, and it’s better to stay here than cross this forest.”

“But why Grandpa? The trees won’t eat us! Why is everyone frightened of this forest?” The boy kicked the ground with furstration. 

“Trees won’t eat us, but there’s someone in there who will.” The coldness in Grandpa’s words ran a chill through Bunny’s spine. 

“It all started when I was just like you, a little boy ready for adventure anytime, may it be day or night, I was ready with my bagpack!

“But one day the town was filled with rumors of my friend’s father and his friends going missing. He was supposed to cross the forest and reach the other town, but he never did. Out of them all, just one survived and got back with his feet all shaking and body all cold. 

“He kept murmuring words like “Knife… She ate ’em… She killed ’em…” But he lived no longer than two days. Since then all the town people had it forbidden to cross the forest after sunset. And we should follow the rules. If you don’t want to be eaten to death.”

The story gave Bunny creeps, and he moved closer to his Grandpa and held his shirt with his grip tight.

“Who ate them, Grandpa?” He asked with his shaky voice.

“We call her ‘The Knife Queen'”

(Co conceptualized by Miss Dark Ji)


52 thoughts on “The Knife Queen! 

  1. Hahaha.. omg Harsh! This is hilarious cause I’m just so thrilled how you get inspiration for your writing but.. *giggles more*’re just amazing!

    I didn’t expect something this amazing and precise! Damn I love this post and that image is bomb!

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  2. Trees won’t eat us, But there’s someone who will..I never guessed who that someone was and the ending made this story soo soo interesting. no one else can be called the ‘ The knife queen’ other than the new name😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was just a small story idea that popped up in my mind while I was talking to her, and then I wrote this… I never knew people will like my short stories but thank you soooo much!!!
      Hahaha, she will surely love it! 😂😂😂

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      1. It surely lighten up my mood! You know a strange thing that happens to me? While raining, if I look at the sky, it makes me remember of soooo old memories that I have long forgotten, like the day when I faked stomach pain, just to be in the classroom and watch the rain through the window. 😂😂

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      2. I’m laughing reading this.😁😁 would be a heartbreaking moment to see the pencil broken into two pieces..💔 And that’s the reason I don’t give anything to others when I was a kid, not even birthday chocolates😊😊

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  3. Ahh! I love this one!! I need more… It’s so original and gripping! It’s also dark, and I love to read books that have a dark side to it ^^ Makes them more spicy and interesting 😂 And like I said before, I really like your writing! I think it’s really good and descriptive. And that image just completes everything,I can visualize it in my mind 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s the first short story I have EVER written! 😂😂😂😂
      Thank you sooo very much! I am really overwhelmed by your compliments!! Thank you very much!! 😊😊😊
      Yeah, even I like that image! 😊

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  4. I can imagine what poor bunny might be going through! And that image…wow!! The Knife Queen! So much evil wrapped under the beauty! Good job, Harsh! So glad that chaos inspired you to write something completely different! 😁😁

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    1. Haha, he couldn’t attend that festival. But glad they didn’t cross the forest, otherwise it would be a festival for the knifr queen!
      You’ll be thrilled to know how I got this idea… If you want to know, just tell me do you have Instagram?

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      1. Hahahahaha….Don’t worry, I won’t murder you( atleast not untill you finish blind illusion 😼). I am from Jammu. I asked because you always mention rain whenever it rains here too. So I thought you might me from somewhere close. I guess I want almost right.

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      2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
        You live in Jammu? It must be icy and snowy!! 😍😍😍😍😍 I have never ever visited Jammu!!!!
        I have never even watched snow!!! Never even touched it, never even made a snowball, never even made a snowball, never even threw it at someone’s head!! I want to do all these things!!! 😍😍

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      3. I knew you would ask something like that!!! Hahahahaha…😁😁No my friend. Weather in jammu is almost like delhi. And no it doesn’t snow here. Not even in chilly winters. It snows only in hilly regions like Vaishno devi, Kashmir( yes, jammu and kashmir are different) and leh laddakh. And I feel you bro. Even I haven’t seen actual snow in my life. 🙁🙁🙁

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      4. My geography!!! Damn it! that’s why you hated that chapter climate, Harsh!!
        You must be thinking I am such a dumb panda, forgive my dumbness. I knew Kashmir and Jammu are different, but since they are called together, so I thought weather…. Leave it, I am dumb! 😂😂😂
        Really? You too!!! Glad I am not the only one! 😆😆

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      5. Hahaha….don’t worry little bro. I am sailing in the same boat. Even I hated the climatology😁😁😁😁😁I have friends from other states. They too had the same concept regarding the climate. But when they actually visited both cities, they knew the differences. Don’t worry you’re not the only one. ☺☺ I too want to experience snow.

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  5. “The knife Queen”.. The title is amazing!!! and I’m sad the bunny couldn’t visit but the vivid description of the knife queen was just wonderfully wonderful!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊
    And hats off to QueenD for inspiring you for such a fine piece!!!!!🙌🙌

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  6. I think I am the only one who didn’t get it ! Who is the knife queen? ( whoever reads this comment please don’t laugh at me ! I am really slow at grasping things and yes I am that person in group who always laughs last after everyone stops laughing ) even the little bunny could understand and I still can’t 🙁

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  7. Why did you end it there? 😬When I scrolled down to the bottom to find more, you put that full stop,huh!! After enticing the reader you can’t pull over like that 😤😂

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