The Blind Illusion! #20

60588_1440x900All his life, Estern had been under the impression that the orphanage was his only home, that his parents were dead, but now when the truth unveiled before his eyes, he couldn’t do anything but curse his fate that he couldn’t get the love of his parents. But the rage was still running through his veins, this man could be his brother by blood, but Estern wanted to kill him.

“Out of all the truths, this one still stands as a lie,” Estern said with his head down at the ground, and hands trembling, ‘You’re disgusting! You never loved him. I could see it in your eyes when you looked at his grave, there wasn’t love, just greed!’

The leader clenched his fists, “Say it what you will.” He picked up Estern by his shirt, and Estern didn’t do anything but looked at him in his devilish eyes. “He was good for nothing, if father loved me, he could have trusted me with his secret wisdom, but what did the lunatic do? He died with the power to become God branded on his back that only you could approach.” Suddenly a hint of smile appeared on his pursed lips. “But now that the final piece is in my hands, no one can stop me!” and he let out a evil laugh filled with anguish and joy. And then he started chanting in his pure cold voice, as if a sword was sliding out of its sheath.

“Let yourself go with the flow, and be like the water rippling in a pond,

For the final test is yet to pass, stand transparent in front of the eyes,

The power is never obedient to faces, for appearance shall be burned at the end.

Kill your earthly desires. For you have to walk this path alone.

Get past this Blind Illusion!”

And again he laughed as if victory was within his reach, and he had grabbed the neck of immortality. But the work was yet to be done. He whispered ‘Kizania’ Both of them vanished from the place, and what was left were wisps of smoke and the moonlight that was glinting through the broken window.

Estern opened his eyes and forced himself to wake up from this spell. Excruciating pain was running all over his body. He looked around himself, and the leader was standing in front of him with his arms crossed. “I shall reward you, little brother, for doing so much for me!”

But Estern was too bound in the pain; he couldn’t even open his mouth to curse him. All those prisoners that Estern was meant to catch were now standing over him, laughing.

“My dear possessions, now is the time I may express my gratitude for your kind servitude,” The leader spoke with a calm, cold voice. Fealus, Karisa and Lazek, all bowed to him at once, and fell on their knees.

“The path was not at all smooth, but you, my possessions, always excelled in overpowering each obstacle that came in your way. I remember the day when you passed the test of faith, and the unworthy were eliminated. You, my possessions, have worked hard, and now is the time that I shall reward you with something that I had promised.

“Immortality, the power that we strived for so long, is now within our hands. My dear brother Estern has finally served his purpose, though I think I have to use him one more time. He became the key to our treasure, and now our wait comes to an end. Rejoice in the glory of your victory, my possessions! You have served me for long, and you have served me well. Your sacrifice will always be remembered, in the coming history, when the world will worship me, and you will be renounced as the most trustworthy possessions.

“Now we have reached the final step of this ladder, give all of yourself to it, and show the faith in me as you did before. Sacrifice and become IMMORTAL!”


23 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #20

  1. I’ve been waiting the episode desperately.
    I loved the little poem that you’ve included in the story. Great work, as always.

    But keeping your skills & the awesomeness of this series aside, I would like to say, please finish it as soon as possible. Because you’re not being regular in posting the episodes. Please don’t mind but that’s the best thing you can do for your genuine readers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Suraj Bhai!!!
      Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you liked the poem, read it once again, please! 🙂

      My skills and awesomeness! Those words made me feeling amazing, lol!
      Yes, I know I am not being regular. And trust me, this story will come to an end in the coming two or three episodes, I’m planning to finish it today, by the way. Will publish soon! And I’m really glad you’re my genuine reader. Peopl applause me for my followers count to be 1k but just ask me, I only have around 20 people who actually READ my stuff, so a big thank you!!! 🙂

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  2. I think I know where this is heading. He wants the secret of immortality to himself only, doesn’t he? By ‘scarifice’ does he mean what I think he means??? I can’t take too many unanswered questions. Good going by the way dude. You’ve kept your readers gripped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had heard girls are smart, now experienced it too! lol, yes, you are absolutely right about where this is heading, but I’m sure the end will amaze you!
      I am glad to have readers like you, who actually have been there from the beginning of this series and reached the end. Thank you soooo very much!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome dude!!! Hahahaha…..let me take the screenshot of your comment😁 I think now I am a girl on a mission to prove something to my mom. 😂😂😂Hehe kidding. But thanks for the compliment and I can’t wait for next part!!!!!!

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  3. This is the first post of the series that I’ve read and I’ve a feeling that I’ve spoilt the entire experience, but I’ll be reading the rest of ’em anyway cuz you’ve got my curiosity piqued!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, you have literally spoiled it for yourself! Hahaha!
      But never mind, I am really very happy that you’re interested in reading this series. I am glad you will be reading them! I would love to get your feedback over it!!!
      Thanks a lot!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just noticed that both of us use the same theme on our blogs, and yours look cool! You have customized it really well, vanished the home page, I guess! It looks really good! 🙂


      2. Yes, we both use ‘gateway’ theme I guess… if I remember the name correctly. The only difference is I have also inserted a background image, and you have removed your home page. When you’ll click on my posts, it will look similar to yours, just background difference.
        And thanks very much for the compliment. Yours look more professional though! 🙂

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  4. Man… I am loving the climax!!!!!!! The rise of the evil and I’d love to read the ending!!!! Great going little brother!!!! I seriously wonder, why didn’t I like it before… 😄 Amazing read!!!! 😊😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am soo happy right now, I can’t put in words! I am so glad you’re finally liking it! That seems like a dream! Lol 😂
      Yeah, you should have liked it before too… but no worries… Deepika Di ke dar pe der h andher nhi! 😂😂😂

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  5. Still on Leader’s side ! He was moulded with pain and rejection, just hoping the real Josh comes out by the ending. ( I don’t want prisoners to be hurt either, btw you gave me manga feels with this series 😄)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know the reason why I never used the word Josh while denoting the leader, because Josh is gone Di! But yes, Josh was murdered by pain and rejection, but also by greed and lust for power! 😊
      I am glad you stand by the side of villian, I love people like that, because I top belong to the same group! Let’s wish everything gets fine at the end! 😊


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