The Blind Illusion! #21


“Now we have reached the final step of this ladder, give all of yourself to it, and show the faith in me as you did before. Sacrifice and become IMMORTAL!”

Estern lied down on the ground with the pain screaming inside him. All three of them said in unison, as if they were under a spell, “We will sacrifice ourselves, and attain immortality.” Everyone stood on their feet and bowed at once.

“Karisa, my dear, come to me.” the leader said, and she stepped forward with her head bent down. “Look above, Karisa. You are no longer any possession of mine, from now you become a part of me. I shall give you the privilege to be the first of them all who attain immortality.”

“It will be an honor, leader. Truly an honor.” Karisa said with her head held high, but still not looking him in the eyes. Karisa’s hands were shaking, but she stood strong on her feet.

The leader put his hand over her head, and closed his eyes beginning the chant in whispers. Lazek’s face was drenched and sweat dripped from the side of his head. Karisa did not dare say anything, but let the leader do what he was doing, and then, without any warning, it came.

Her heart was aching, as if someone was trying to pull it out of her body. She fell on her knees with her fists clenched, but the leader bent down with her, his hand still on her head. ‘Stop! Please!’ Karisa screamed, punching the ground, as the pain in her body got worse. Every vein in her body got reflected on her skin, she could see her own blood running through them. ‘Stop it!’ she kept on screaming, but the leader didn’t step back.

“You’ve come very far, my dear. The pain will not last forever, but you will.” The leader said in a cold soothing voice. Estern lied there helpless, he couldn’t see someone dying in front of him. This man was using her, but only if he had enough strength to stand up, barely crawl.

Karisa kept screaming and threw up blood from her mouth. The pain was excruciating, and then suddenly, her vision was getting blurry and the pain was subsidizing. But she felt tied up, and when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a dark place, where there was no escape.

The leader finally removed his hand from what was now just a lifeless body, the soul was consumed. The same smirk appeared on his face, all the rest of them were shaking, not believing what they saw happening. Fealus’ hands were trembling, and Estern could swear upon his life that he saw Lazek’s eyes filling to the brim. But all of them stood horrified, neither taking a step ahead nor back. Everything was stopped.

“Lazek, it’s your turn. Come and serve your purpose.” The leader said picking up the body of Karisa with one hand and threw it away on his side.


Rain! °•


A falling Star! •°

The Knife Queen! 


28 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #21

    1. Yea, you knew it!!! 😂😂
      Yes, he is selfish and all! But I don’t think Lazek could do anything in this… He won’t be able to save himself only, how would he save her then? 😅😅
      I am super glad you’re liking the episodes… We are reaching the climax

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow….you do know how to make your readers stick to your story🤔🤔You’re a clever person, Mr. Jain. Throwing tiny spoilers here and there. Not cool.😜😜 Can’t believe we are near the end already! Eager to read more!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m good little brother!!!!! How’re you doing? 😊😊
        Oh! Don’t be…it’s alright!! You don’t like when you say sorry to me….but I did miss you a lot!!!! ❤How was your visit?? 😊😊


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