Book Review – “Messed Up but All for Love” Arvind Parashar

Messed Up But All for Love


Title: Messed Up But All for Love

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Fiction

Series: #1 in the Messed Up trilogy

Length: 176 pages

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors



Honeycomb (4)

Neil and Gauri were a happily married couple for life. But when the destiny shared the plans that it had in stores for them, their lifes changed drastically. Between this blunder and messed up situation, what do you think? Should you doubt someone’s love?

The story begins with a great day, our hero (Neil) has finally been released from the prison. (What’s he doin’ there? Can’t spoil) He meets his boss, Ganga, he lay down all the cards of his memories, and recites the moment from when it all got ‘Messed up’

The story consists of so many elements that will keep you engaged all the way to the end. Friendship, Love, Betrayal, Misunderstanding, and most important, mystery.

Trying to set the things straight, Neil has a way of tangling the things even more. And that’s when he meets Drishti, a TV anchor, and his whole life turns upside down. He loses his wife, he loses her trust. Would he ever be able to collect the pieces of the broken glass and get them together? Why is his life so messed up, but all for love?

Honeycomb (7)

Even though book begins with a slow pace, I felt it picked up speed soon and I was engaged with the characters. The characters seemed real, and their actions were going in sync with their thoughts. Everything that was happening, was going in a flow, it did not feel dragged.

While I was visualising the story, it came out to be Bollywood movie, where the guy keeps thinking something else, and end up doing something else. I liked the humor in the story, that was set by Neil’s friends. They all had different personalities, and were portrayed well.

I liked the turn of events being really unexpected. Though there are few, but turns in this story are good enough to keep you reading. The writing style and diction of the author was good, at the end of every scene, you could find a paragraph where Neil was pondering upon his thoughts, which were the reflection of Author’s mind. I liked them, but on a side note, I prefer the story to keep flowing without much deep messages. It would be better if the readers absorb them on their own. 🙂

Honeycomb (5)

One thing why I was a little upset while reading this novel, was the interchange of the POV’s (Point of Views) In the beginning, we start with being inside Neil’s head. (First person POV) and then after some scenes, we get behind the camera and see the things that Neil can’t see, but still feels like Neil is narrating the incident. (Third person POV) I couldn’t distinguish between the author’s voice and Neil’s voice, whenever this change happened.

The first half of this novel was slow paced, considering it to be a thriller book. I decided to read this book in one go, but I failed. But when I reached the second half, I did finish it one sitting.

Honeycomb (6)

Neil’s friends, escpecially Tom and Jerry, were most likable of the all. But the most realistic character I felt, was Gauri. She was a happy wife, and then the walls of misunderstanding widened. And she became alone and confined her within the walls of her clinic. I could very well connect with her thoughts, maybe this is the reason I liked her the most out of all.

The terrible timing of Mehr and Gauri, the ‘very difficult to predict’ character of Drishti, and all the friends combined together is what lifted this book.

Honeycomb (1)

Arvind Parashar is an author and painter hailing from Dehradun. He has been a corporate leader in various firms like GE, Dell and Genpact. He enjoys road trips and gives motivational lectures at various educational institutes.



My Ratings: 3.5/5

“Received a review copy from WritersMelon, for an unbiased review. Views are entirely my own and mine alone! Yo”



6 thoughts on “Book Review – “Messed Up but All for Love” Arvind Parashar

  1. I really despise the author for employing this weird narrative technique. It is ridiculous to read that way… Moreover the unnecessary love making scenes were really irritating to me.

    Harsh, you liked his friends. But I hated them. The way they talk shit & discuss matters. Infact, I hated all the filminess included in the book.

    Worst was the use of hinglish. However, the thriller element that becomes prominent in the ending was nice.

    I rated it 3/5.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂I can literally feel your hatred reflecting in this comment.
      Yes Bhai, the narration was really confusing and was not presented well enough. The transition of the POVs got on my nerves too.

      Coming on those friends, maybe because I havent read much of this genre (because I hardly read anything out of fantasy) that’s why I found the characters good. Though the only real one felt was Gauri. I just liked them because even though they talked stupidity, but atleast they made the story lighter.
      And I havent explored this genre before, and you have read some great books hailing from this category, that’s why you hate it very much. 😂
      But no worries, appreciate your opiniom Bhai. Mine is nearly similar to you.


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