And the next moment I look at her, she slips on the wet grass and falls down on the ground. I leave the stand as it is, and even though how hard I try to compel me not to move, my heart makes me take those steps that reach to her. It appears as if … More Stare

Falling Angel

As she starts dancing in the first snowfall of the season, why do I feel the moon just shined a little brighter? Dancing in the moonlight, with snow falling around her, she takes soft steps just like the doll in the glass ball, dancing with her love. She turns to me, and now I see … More Falling Angel

Winter Tree

Sitting under this oak tree which is on the edge of shedding all of its dry leaves, I look at the canvas once again –  empty and lifeless pleading to absorb just a drop of colour and fulfil its fate. But the moment I stand and pick up the brush, the clouds of helplessness hover … More Winter Tree

Faded Moon

Just like every other day, I think again about the reason why I’m still here. I’d rather be with my mom up there, but just then a cold rasp whispers in my ears, and I know it’s death. “I won’t catch you until you run, Avin.” I look at the beautiful scenery in front of … More Faded Moon

Colourless Rainbow

The air has been cold for so long that I can’t recall anymore what summer felt like. Even when I look at the sky in this winter night, it appears as if the stars have changed and so has my world. Everyday passes like a dragged second of an hour that I’d rather not live. … More Colourless Rainbow


Everyone picked me up, packed in a square And I kept staring, “They are taking me where?” Tearful were eyes, and some were dry But no one smiled, I wondered “why?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sky was raining, but sun was bright, Isn’t it strange? something wasn’t right. They came to a halt and laid me on … More Grave.

Winter Night

How wonderful it would be if your footsteps were not erased by the waves, so that I could follow each of your steps and meet you, if not in this world, then maybe a world where we are meant to be…” Look at the shining stars, And the streak of light, There you see, a … More Winter Night


“And never would I erase these memories, from the canvas of my heart for with the black memories, goes the white ones too…”