Everyone picked me up, packed in a square

And I kept staring, “They are taking me where?”

Tearful were eyes, and some were dry

But no one smiled, I wondered “why?”


The sky was raining, but sun was bright,

Isn’t it strange? something wasn’t right.

They came to a halt and laid me on ground,

Unlocked the coffin, and that’s when I found


My face all white, life was all gone,

It was my body my mom was crying upon

I went to wipe her tears as I used to,

But why did my hand just pass through?


People dragged her away, from a dead son

But she cried for I was her midnight’s sun

Never to be seen, never to be felt

Alone I left my candle, for her heart to melt.


I saw them burying me in the land

And my father too lent one hand.

Dark was swallowing me inside this place

Until I met a light at end of this race…


19 thoughts on “Grave.

    1. Hahaha, everyone says that my rhyming scheme is really childish… It’s like a nursery class poem, that rhymes all the way!
      Thank you sooooo much bro!!! And again, congratulations for being the first one, lol!!! 🙂


    1. That’s absolutely true! Even I was thinking about it, and I did exactly the same in my recent post. Thanks a lot for reading this!! 🙂 Hope you like the new one, written in a short story.


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