Escaping through my darkest fear,

I reached the forbidden woodland.

No one could even tell I was here,

for this land was long banned.


Once upon a time, a little girl lived here,

She, life’s rhyme. A blue scarf she used to wear.

She got cursed and burned to a ghost,

a nightmare so dark, feared by most.


I kept on walking through these dark trees,

someone was behind; blood started to freeze.

I clenched my fist and turned around,

There was nothing but mist… and a girl’s sound.


My blood turned ice, my breath got stuck,

if anything could save me, it was just luck.

‘I won’t kill you, don’t be scared’

Cold wind blew and mist got cleared.


A blue scarf she wore, eyes were sooty,

A magical lore, like an enchanting beauty.

I held my breath, heart began to melt,

I feared no death, no threat I felt.


“What brought you here, in my lonely space?

Don’t you fear, it’s not a haunted place.’

I looked in her eyes, her voice so sweet,

My heart was falling, I bent to greet.


I bent on my knees, asked for her hand,

with a strong breeze, she flew away like sand.

My heart was shattered, she had gone away,

the pieces were scattered, on cold ground they lay.


‘Please go far away, and leave me alone,

but let me just say, my heart isn’t stone.’

Tear away my face from mind and heart,

I can’t love you, we have to be forever apart.”


“My heart protests to forget those eyes,

He will be blest, even though it dies.”

“You fall for my beauty, but not my heart,

it’s magic that slays, but not my art.


“Long back, a dark witch cursed me,

with beauty that bewitch lost like thee.

There’s distance between, you can never cover,

Forgive me for everything, but go away my lover.


“If I’m the see, you’re the coast

for how could someone fall in love with a ghost?

I’m forever bound in the shackles of time,

I’m long drowned, like a lost rhyme.


“I can’t let your heart be shattered again,

we have to stay apart, to not feel the pain.”

I begged her to appear, and so she did.

In her eyes were the tears she had hid.


“My heart beats for you, not the face that lies

I will help you, even if my life be the price.”

She came close, and her tears shined

“Your heart is beating, but I’ve lost mine.


“The breath you take, doesn’t need me

time is there, but for you not me.

The sand in the glass doesn’t flow,

my heart doesn’t beat, not even slow.”


I  reached my hand to wipe the tears,

to caress her, and take away all fears.

“Touch my tears, and do what you may,

for the moment you touch, you’ll die away.


Many have fallen, just for these eyes,

their love is untrue, a thread of lies.

But if yours is true, go as far as you see

you shall know, we’re never meant to be.


“My time is yours, my heart we share,

I will take the arrow if you’re there.

Till the fire loses warmth, and sky loses the blue,

I promise, to the end of time, I’ll love…..”


“Oh my love, why didn’t you leave,

was my lie to save you too hard to believe?”

She cried at my feet, turning to stone

but I felt peace, she won’t be alone.


“Had you gone away fearing your death,

you should’ve lived, saving your breath.

How true was your love that you stayed,

but your love was what shouldn’t be said.”


“Let my heart turn stone, my eyes be dead,

but my love, it’s all true whatever I said.”

“My lie didn’t stop you, from confessing your heart,

but you’ll live my love, even if we have to be apart.


She rose and touched my face, her hands were cold,

and then she kissed, every word was told.

She smiled like an angel, her eyes were bright,

but just then I realized, as she flew away with light.


The curse was broken, she touched and died,

And all I wanted to ask was why she lied.

She took her life and saved my heart,

and the price was us to be apart.

I cried for her, that she was afar,

I looked at the sky and the stars.

Her smile was the last thing I wished.

“I love you.” the cold wind kissed.



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