Key To The Place Inside Your Eyes

There’s a place inside your eyes Only you have the privilege to see, There flows the river of your dreams Where you are what you want to be. The secret inside your heart Says every time it beats, That place is where you belong, Not the one beneath your feet. But the world has its … More Key To The Place Inside Your Eyes

Last Petal of Rose

“Sky changes hues, just as moon its shape Stars adorn this darkness, and the wind tickles the landscape I sit under the fallen tree, long dried yet gold For I have carved far too many memories, for it to ever grow old.” “Never did I let go of love like the last petal of rose. … More Last Petal of Rose

Half Lunch Box

His mother kissed his soft little hands and smiled with tears sparkling in her eyes. “My time has come. Don’t cry, for I’m always with you. Never forget how much you are loved. You’ll always be the brightest star in my sky. Goodbye, my son.” The mother bid his son farewell and faded like the … More Half Lunch Box

Grave Of A Promise

It rained red that evening in Lahore. Stars weren’t out yet and the sliver of the moon wasn’t enough to light up the land of the dead that had plunged into darkness. How old does someone has to grow up to speak the language of hatred? Faiz hasn’t reached that age yet. He was taking … More Grave Of A Promise