Escaping through my darkest fear, I reached the forbidden woodland. No one could even tell I was here, for this land was long banned.   Once upon a time, a little girl lived here, She, life’s rhyme. A blue scarf she used to wear. She got cursed and burned to a ghost, a nightmare so … More Touch


I woke up early today, or perhaps I didn’t sleep the whole night. Aunt Sarah and Noel left after the dinner, because Noel wanted to play in snow, though it wasn’t even enough to make a snowball. Today in the early morning, when I was just changing my clothes, the doorbell rang many times, and … More Numb

A Hand

My hands shiver as I pick up the fork. I don’t want to break down, not now. Not in front of anyone else. This pain is mine, and mine alone. “Avin,” Aunt Sarah holds my trembling hand, as she looks at me with her eyes nearly teary. Her hand is always warm, and even though … More A Hand


Noel follows the elephant from the TV as it moves round and round wearing a skirt. And just then a monkey shows up, and starts jumping. “Mommy, mommy, you have to be the monkey. Come on!” Noel cries as she drags Aunt Sarah to dance with her. As she stands up and starts jumping, I … More Dinner