Blue Watery Eyes! #35

Just a quick recap of the episode #34: In yesterday’s episode, we saw Ash and Jason finally meeting Aurora. Ash stammered while talking to her, and Jason was there to complete his sentences. While Jason was exploring her house, Aurora went to help Alvin. Let’s see what happens next! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As soon as she was … More Blue Watery Eyes! #35

Blue Watery Eyes! #30

That night couldn’t be longer for Ash, for he kept changing sides, waiting impatiently for the sun to show up. A sense of relief and happiness, combined in a perfect ratio, were revolving in his mind. He started imagining himself and Jason visiting Aurora. Ash could not silence the bubbles of the excitement that were … More Blue Watery Eyes! #30

Blue Watery Eyes! #29

“You look worried?” Jason asked. But Ash didn’t answer, he grabbed Jason’s hand, and said in a deep voice “Let’s go. I need to tell you something.”   “What is it, Ash?” Jason said, putting the board on the table. “Promise me, you won’t react to whatever I say,” Ash said and sit Jason in … More Blue Watery Eyes! #29

Blue Watery Eyes! #26

While the fireball of the noon was spreading the warmth above the land, Ash and Jason were under the roof, in their room. When the daily expenses were revolving in Ash’s mind, the most important question (according to him) was disturbing Jason – “We will eat what? Air?” They lost their jobs today, but whenever … More Blue Watery Eyes! #26