As you slit your pale wrist that night, the drops that fell told something to your heart, the blood has escaped your prison, oh dear, but what of the pain that ripped you apart?   Don’t you ever laugh, at the chaos inside? A home you called yours, ruined and stolen. You don’t live there, … More Slit


I shrugged and saw the creases near my elbows, by the windowsill which I slept on for too long. Looking out of the window, I had never been this idle. Even that drenched bird sitting on the loose wire, shaking the water off its furs seemed like it was doing something magical. I woke up, … More Raining

Deaf °•

Have you ever heard tales, Of the nights that never end? The ones that suck all the light, From every corner, every bend? Have you ever heard tales, Of the wells that refuse to give? For they’re too dried of love, With barely no will to live? Have you ever heard tales, Of the Silence … More Deaf °•

Tears of Stars

There comes a night, when even sky and the moon bid farewell to each other. The two lovers dwell deep in darkness, when their fate keeps them hidden. The sky seems lost and the moon is forbidden to be. Oh, how I see the mournful sky that has drowned itself in the ocean of despair. … More Tears of Stars

Half Lunch Box

His mother kissed his soft little hands and smiled with tears sparkling in her eyes. “My time has come. Don’t cry, for I’m always with you. Never forget how much you are loved. You’ll always be the brightest star in my sky. Goodbye, my son.” The mother bid his son farewell and faded like the … More Half Lunch Box

Grave Of A Promise

It rained red that evening in Lahore. Stars weren’t out yet and the sliver of the moon wasn’t enough to light up the land of the dead that had plunged into darkness. How old does someone has to grow up to speak the language of hatred? Faiz hasn’t reached that age yet. He was taking … More Grave Of A Promise


Escaping through my darkest fear, I reached the forbidden woodland. No one could even tell I was here, for this land was long banned.   Once upon a time, a little girl lived here, She, life’s rhyme. A blue scarf she used to wear. She got cursed and burned to a ghost, a nightmare so … More Touch


I woke up early today, or perhaps I didn’t sleep the whole night. Aunt Sarah and Noel left after the dinner, because Noel wanted to play in snow, though it wasn’t even enough to make a snowball. Today in the early morning, when I was just changing my clothes, the doorbell rang many times, and … More Numb