Deaf °•

Have you ever heard tales, Of the nights that never end? The ones that suck all the light, From every corner, every bend? Have you ever heard tales, Of the wells that refuse to give? For they’re too dried of love, With barely no will to live? Have you ever heard tales, Of the Silence … More Deaf °•

Last Petal of Rose

“Sky changes hues, just as moon its shape Stars adorn this darkness, and the wind tickles the landscape I sit under the fallen tree, long dried yet gold For I have carved far too many memories, for it to ever grow old.” “Never did I let go of love like the last petal of rose. … More Last Petal of Rose


“And never would I erase these memories, from the canvas of my heart for with the black memories, goes the white ones too…”

The Knife Queen! 

Once upon a time, amidst a dark forest with trees so huge, and branches so sharp, no one ever dared to walk through it after the last ray of sun died.  Two towns were seperated by this dark forest, that was famous for its stories of mysterious voices at night, and strange deaths of people … More The Knife Queen! 

Rain! °•

Every drop of it was reminding of the beauty that nature has in store for us! The rain drops that kissed the ground and connected with it, gave rise to an earthly smell that made the place no lesser than heaven. The ambrosial fragrance that could put all my worries and problems to sleep for … More Rain! °•


“When everything came falling down upon me, All I could do was take a deep breath and see,  The destiny defeat my desire of becoming all I ever wanted to be. I greeted it as an old friend with whom I used to play, And I sat there waiting for him to take my breath … More Destiny!