I shrugged and saw the creases near my elbows, by the windowsill which I slept on for too long. Looking out of the window, I had never been this idle. Even that drenched bird sitting on the loose wire, shaking the water off its furs seemed like it was doing something magical. I woke up, … More Raining

Deaf °•

Have you ever heard tales, Of the nights that never end? The ones that suck all the light, From every corner, every bend? Have you ever heard tales, Of the wells that refuse to give? For they’re too dried of love, With barely no will to live? Have you ever heard tales, Of the Silence … More Deaf °•


Walking alone in these streets doesn’t feel too strange though, after you’ve been familiar with it. But I don’t want to deny the warmness that touched me when she was around. As she faded away from my sight, it just felt like the firefly that I held in my hands just flew away, and I … More Staircase

Falling Angel

As she starts dancing in the first snowfall of the season, why do I feel the moon just shined a little brighter? Dancing in the moonlight, with snow falling around her, she takes soft steps just like the doll in the glass ball, dancing with her love. She turns to me, and now I see … More Falling Angel

Do You Believe in God?

Vittoria was watching him. “Do you believe in God, Mr. Langdon?” The question startled him. The earnestness in Vittoria’s voice was even more disarming than the inquiry. Do I believe in God? He had hoped for a lighter topic of conversation to pass the trip. A spiritual conundrum, Langdon thought. That’s what my friends call … More Do You Believe in God?