As you slit your pale wrist that night, the drops that fell told something to your heart, the blood has escaped your prison, oh dear, but what of the pain that ripped you apart?   Don’t you ever laugh, at the chaos inside? A home you called yours, ruined and stolen. You don’t live there, … More Slit

Deaf °•

Have you ever heard tales, Of the nights that never end? The ones that suck all the light, From every corner, every bend? Have you ever heard tales, Of the wells that refuse to give? For they’re too dried of love, With barely no will to live? Have you ever heard tales, Of the Silence … More Deaf °•

Hide and Seek

The flower I saw that day, hidden in plain sight as if seeking a shelter to play Hide and Seek in the night. The petals were wilted, yet the fragrance flew her inside beauty was more than true. I lost her again, before I could say “I found you, now it’s your turn to play” … More Hide and Seek

Tears of Stars

There comes a night, when even sky and the moon bid farewell to each other. The two lovers dwell deep in darkness, when their fate keeps them hidden. The sky seems lost and the moon is forbidden to be. Oh, how I see the mournful sky that has drowned itself in the ocean of despair. … More Tears of Stars

Last Petal of Rose

“Sky changes hues, just as moon its shape Stars adorn this darkness, and the wind tickles the landscape I sit under the fallen tree, long dried yet gold For I have carved far too many memories, for it to ever grow old.” “Never did I let go of love like the last petal of rose. … More Last Petal of Rose


Just as I am about to close my eyes, to put a full stop to this day, the doorbell echoes in the house. I get up from the bed. Someone’s ringing it continuously, and before I reach out my hand to open the door, the door bell rings once again. Why would someone come this … More Doorbell


Everyone picked me up, packed in a square And I kept staring, “They are taking me where?” Tearful were eyes, and some were dry But no one smiled, I wondered “why?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sky was raining, but sun was bright, Isn’t it strange? something wasn’t right. They came to a halt and laid me on … More Grave.

Rain! °•

Every drop of it was reminding of the beauty that nature has in store for us! The rain drops that kissed the ground and connected with it, gave rise to an earthly smell that made the place no lesser than heaven. The ambrosial fragrance that could put all my worries and problems to sleep for … More Rain! °•